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Problem with Camhack and question about PaceNote Manager.

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ton van Rijn, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. UPDATE:
    Please forget my post below. Meanwhile I have the PaceNote Plugin working, probably I did something wrong before. So I don't need the Camhack anymore for adjusting the view. But I have another problem, about which I will make a new thread.

    I started again with RBR but now without RSRBR and installed it with patches 1.01, 1.02 and with the latest Fixup plugin. Until now I always used the bumper view, but I would like to try the cockpit view as well and installed the Camhack to be able to adjust the view. However I cannot get it working. When I start Camhack.exe, let it running in the background and click the enable key (*) when I am in the game, I can choose one of the presets 1-9, but I cannot adjust it. As soon as I use the keys to adjust I get a view outside the car/cockpit and can only return with the / key.

    Because I read here that the view also can be adjusted with WorkerBee's PaceNote plugin I installed it and tried it too, but also without success. Double clicking the right or left mouse doesn't do anything.

    I hope that someone can help me with one of these plugins or both to get it working.

    I also have a question about the PaceNote Manager that I downloaded from rallyesim.fr. Does this only work in RSRBR ? I had it working in RSRBR but now with the plain RBR it does not. I only have the default co-rider, whatever I choose in the manager.
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  2. Did you ever get Camhack working online with RSRBR 2015 ? If so, how? My version works ok offline but when I tried to use it online last night it wouldn't work.
  3. Did you ever have CamHack working online with RSRBR2015 and if so what version were you using? Mine works offline but not online :-/
  4. I didn't try it yet. The last Rally Club event was the first and only time that I went online with RSRBR and I didn't try the Camhack then.
  5. I tried it online this afternoon (starting it via the plugins on the menu) and it just stretched the car sideways and made it look two feet tall :thumbsdown: Back to using bumpercam
  6. I have the same problem with Camhack, I can only choose between 9 presets.
  7. I use bumpercam too most of the times.
    And when I want to adjust the view I use WorkerBee's Pacenote plugin. Much easier to use.