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Problem to make a trainer

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Zero0ne, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Hi there im trying to make a trainer for first time and just for fun. Im using Cheat engine v6.1 but i have one problem i cant add some hotkeys i got only: You need a cheat table with cheat entries. Im making the trainer for F1 2011 nordic edition cause i could not find any trainer that works with my retail copy of the game. I followed some steps on an other forum but only the basic steps like put music and a icon picture. So do someone of you all now how i can get this to work?
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    By making a trainer, do you mean that you are trying to create something that will change the way the game plays to make it easier?
  3. Yeah like this:
    1: Unlimited Kers
    2: Unlimited Flashbacks
    3: Better motor temp
    The third is from another trainer that does not working with my version. I will only do this for fun i have already won the drivers championship and the constructor. So what i sayd i do this only for fun and testing how to make a trainer.