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Problem Splining Merged Tracks in TrackEd

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by ls908, May 30, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I have created a track using BTB. It has a main track (a closed loop) and a modification to it that was modelled using an end-to-end track. These look fine in 3D etc.

    The reason I am posting this in the Racer forum is because I am having problems splining this track. At the points where the tracks merge it is very difficult to select the right nodes. However, the biggest problem occurs when I reach the end of the end-to-end track addition and want to get back onto the closed loop. At this point I can only select a node near where I left the closed loop in the first place. I cannot select any of the nodes that follow the end of the track modification to continue on the closed loop.

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on and how I can work around this? Or does anyone have any advice on how best to create merged tracks in BTB and Racer?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Racer only allows 1 spline per track and you basically have 2 tracks, one open and one closed.
    You can just put the splines on the track that will have the starting grid / pits and use standard collision for the other.
    Another problem is that BTB doesn't actually merge the tracks, it just lays one over the other, this plays havoc with Racers collision detection. The best solution is to take the two tracks into another editor and actually merge the polys properly so that no two occupy the same position.

    Alex Forbin
  3. Thanks a lot. I found a quick fix for now which simply involves removing all tracks from the geometry file bar the open track and spline it. Then save and add the closed track back to the geometry file and reload the track. Now you can continue splining on the closed track without having trouble selecting the correct nodes. It is probably a good idea to skip the nodes where the end of the open track is in order to let the splines do their job and create a smooth track surface. I havent tested this thoroughly though. In future I will have a look at alternative 3D editors to join the tracks up properly.
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  4. Yep, that is the solution I've used.

    Duplicate the track folder, bring in ONLY the mesh that the track splines will be made from, then spline it. Save, then copy the splines over to the proper track folder.

    I'm sure some clever person could write a script to turn a saved mesh into the spline format... hmmmm