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Problem new building into game.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kmikiwi, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody, well, this is my first post and it's about a problem hehe...

    Quickly, I made a building for my track project, I've made walls and little objects without problem, but look:

    This is how the object looks in 3dsmax.


    Here in BTB


    and here, into the game...


    Looks every transparent, can't collide with it, and I drive and see through it... I've check the double-side in xpacker and BTB, collide object and render too... but I donno know whats going on :frown:...

    pd. sorry for my english.

  2. if you have made this with google sketchup make sure that before you export out of sketchup that all the faces are white not blue .....to change them in google right click on the face you need to invert

    01_select tool_ri.jpg 02_scroll to reve.jpg 03_should then be.jpg
  3. you need to attach all the object pieces togeth , i think youll find that ill solve the issue
  4. Thanks

    Thanks! but, I donno use google sketchup, I made it in 3dsMax, then I export it to .3ds object.

    Ok, but if you see the image, the object pieces don get move, they just appear transparent and have like holes :confused:
  5. It looks like you have transparency turned on for the material.
    You need to go into the material editor and turn it off. Plus you can also set the texture itself to have no alpha layer.

    As for collision, it's best not to use the object as collision, a lot of polys set as collision can be a drain on resources, just put an invisible wall around it. Add the wall and in the wall's properties, set it to not render.
  6. It looks like your normals are inside out.
    Open your object in Max.
    Then create a box.
    Then attach the object to the box.
    The normals will take on the properties of the box.
    Then delete the box part from your object & re export from Max.
    Import back into BTB & it should be fine.
    No need to use double sided if it's working ok.
    For the collision I would use "mianiak"s advice in the post above this one.

  7. Hi! you're the masters! :smile:... I could solve it doing what you told me, I just found the problem occurs when I used the alpha canal too, so I've to used chroma colour, why it happens?... I do about 3dsmax box's to fix the normals and it works.


    Thank you!! :wink:
  8. The Alpha channel problem is a limitation of the rfactor engine.
    Objects behind appear in front for some strange reason.
    This doesn't happen using chroma.
    Chroma also uses less resources too so use it where you can.

    Your building looks awesome now!
  9. It's also worth remembering that most people will see your track while racing, so it's unlikely they'll notice that you're using chroma instead of alpha.
  10. Good Job kmikiwi. It turned out great. Did you make it for a track you modded and is it available for download anywhere? I like that Mobil1 pit tower.