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Problem leaving the pits - restarting to box

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Dany Five, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    friend of mine just installed fresh bought Netkar Pro game ( and everything works fine in offline mode. Problem is, when he joins any of online servers and he leaves the box, he drives for 2 seconds and it kicks him back to box with no message at all. We tried all the setups and he has everything setup same as me (works fine for me).

    Any ideas ? Would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Never heard of that before. Only time when I get thrown back to pits is on session change. But that would give a message up top.
  3. Thx Dany. The problem is on my NK Pro, dont know why is doing that. I judt did another full reinstall of the game and it still keeping me in the box. Seems to me like "go to pits" button is still on. Even when i try start from the pits, engine will start and in 2 sec iam in box. Engine is starting all over again whole 2 seconds and i cant drive.
  4. Tried pressing every button on your wheel before you exit pit? I have this "issue" where at first when I enter the car the game "thinks" I have my throttle fully pressed so the revs on my car goes straight to limiter and hangs there until i touch the throttle pedal. Might be something similar where the game things you have some button on your wheel pressed until you infact press it?
    Edit: Thinking more about it it doesn't sound plausible since offline works fine. Maybe it's your latency to the server?
  5. i press every buttin, nothing is stuck,but nothing, still the same. car sits in the pits and strat the engine all over again every 3 seconds. the game doing the same like if you pres esc and then click on the go to box button, but every 3 seconds without me touhcing anything
  6. Autocluth is on?
  7. its on or off and its the same
  8. I've seen this before. It usually happens on empty servers. The car will start to move and just as you turn, it resets.Try a few different servers..preferably with players and see if it goes away.
  9. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    i have the same problem ! did you find the solution ?
  10. Yupp, it was stuck button on steering wheel.After wheel exchange, everything worked fine. Also this issue occured only in NKPro, in rfactor or SimBin there was no sissue with the button :O_o:
  11. I have the same problem ONLINE ONLY where there are no drivers present and can't figure out what to do. The car gets kicked back to box just when race is going to start. Then countdown starts "Race in 20 sec" I am going to grid and when it's 0 sec it puts me back to box. HELP please!
  12. Samuel Fuller

    Samuel Fuller

    its only because you cant race on your own you have to skip to a practice or qually session if you are the only person on the server.
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  13. Thx for the tip. Can you explain how to skip to practice or qually session?

    Figured that out: esc then next session and it works!