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Problem: Half transparent SObject Teeewalls

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Simon Stager, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    i have a problem i've been trying to solve for some time now, but i'm running out of ideas :excruciating:

    i tried out the sobject treewalls from the EST xpack... and i like them... as long as i'm not ingame.

    in btb, it looks like this:

    in the game, it looks like this:

    as you can see, the treewall in front of the object trees is not being shown properly... alpha using textures blend through other alpha using textures.

    i really dont know what to do about it. :tremble:

    looking forward to your answers
  2. Never tested with rfactor, so i cant really tell what could cause this. Maybe someone with more knowledge about rfactor can help you :)
  3. It's probably the Alpha display problem that is in rFactor.
    Try changing to your textures to Chroma & see if that helps.
    It will probably change the way your trees are displayed so you may need to adjust the Alpha channel on the DDS file.
  4. Problem solved:
    I simply had to change the transparency from "Multiple" to "Simple" in 3dSimED.... and that's it :)

    But thanks for your hints anyway