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Problem Black screen!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Emil Praga, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. In the last 2 races, i got suddenly Black screen during race, season 3, its 1st time this happens, the thing is the game still runs in the background because i can acces the Pause menu and also return to the main menu, and returning in paddock the game is viewable again.

    Also sametime while the screen is black the sound sounds like its poping from second to second, like it is interrupted or something like that, dunno how to explain... anyway someone knows what the... is this?:eek:

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the OSD are still viewable over the balck screen
  2. A known problem and some said setting the replay file to read only fixes this but didn't work for me. Only thing that fixed this for sure is to switch the sound to software.
  3. i have replay on read onluy, when this 1st happened i actually already had the sound on Software, after that i changed to RApture and i managed to finish CHina race, then next race same problem, and i quited game
  4. Yep, same problem here. Fortunately it doesn't happen that often. Still, annoying. Hopefully a patch soon.
  5. naah... set replay to read only and switched sound to software but still i have experienced 3 black screens, 1 in spa and 2 in shanghai
  6. Right, was it vsync off that pertained to this issue? So many bugs, I'm confused lol. Last time I had this bug was at Spa on first season and I remember setting the sound to software and kept vsync on but changed the refresh rate to 60hz. Also made the monitor refresh rates to 60hz to match. That allowed me to finally complete that race and I'm now at Monaco on my second season but haven't ran into that bug yet. Could be something related to vsync and refresh rate, or perhaps it's just coincidence.
  7. i think it is just coincidence, because i had all that things when it 1st occured, it sucks though
  8. ahhh come to think of it, i always played with 16xCSSA or whatever its called on antialiasing, and just when i changed to 8xMSAA this happened, i'll play now with 16x and see if it happenes again
  9. ok it seems setting the antialiasing back to 16x it fixed the problem, probably that is the reason why during 2 seasons i never envountered this problem untill i changed to 8xmsaa, maybe its something from the driver 285 or i dunno, anyway i read somwhere that MSAA runs better for ATI Radeon
  10. That... would just be a coincidence as well.