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Pro Season Mode, my experience so far

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by ozzcasale, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Hello there, i'm Ozz from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just bought the game on Steam and was waiting for the release. As soon as i knew it'd be pre-downloadable, i did it and waited for the first play, so i played it on Thursday night because of the -3 hours difference with London time.
    No doubt about my expectations, the game impressed me in the very first moment in Pro Season mode: the only mode i'll play (i don't want to play an arcade, even tho basically F1 2015 is a sophisticated arcade, but not a sim). So I started with Force India in a Xbox 360 Controller. I can tell you, i don't have a wheel by now, in my country there's no Fanatec or a good Thrustmaster, everything is Logitech, and the G27 sucks for my driving style.
    I love playing the three free practices, all mounting one set of tyres for two sessions and stuff, i know how it works, i've been on track and i know how you need to look for heating the tyres, looking for braking points, trying to find the apex in every single corner, exiting well in every corner and that stuff makes me love every sim. I played iRacing in a friend's house and i loved it, but i don't have a great wheel and pedals and a shifter, a great set up, to play in my home, so, for now, an xbox controller works perfectly fine for me, even tho is very hard to find the braking point without losing the rear, i'll get used to it, anyway.
    So, for now, i tried like 5 or 6 setups, the AI is kinda stupid, they hit you, even when you're not in the racing line, out of lap, they brake good in this game, not like in the other versions where they did brake 30 meters before the braking point. And this time you can feel the speed, definetely you feel the difference between a great set up and a crappy one. The difference between oversteer and understeer is logically well observed, and i feel like racing now. I saved in mid race in Australia, qualified 17th, behind Nico H├╝lkenberg but in front of Grosjean and the two Manor. I was expecting a formation lap, to heat the wheels and brakes and find the place in the grid, something i miss from real racing. But i started very well, and now i'm in the 12th lap in the 14th position and cutting the gap with Jenson Button, who is 5 seconds in front of me, and me, having a Mercedes Engine, seems i have a better top speed (i didn't tried other cars, sincerely, but if this is following this season, then i should catch him in 6 laps, even in lean mode).
    So, i've read a lotta complains about the game, i saw a video of a guy in youtube who says "this game sucks", but all his other videos are about call of duty, and plays with a g27 with all assists on... i don't think that's the way to make a critic to a game. I like it, and i feel is a great game, i just want new updates and the possibility to mod the williams livery, mainly. But there's a quality leap between 2014 and 2015, mainly in the graphics, but mostly in the physics of the game.

    I hope you guys understood me. I try to be fluent in english but still, i need more practice because i have a lack of coherence when trying to explain something and i do confuse between spanish and english grammar systems.

    Have a great race!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Are you able to remember what sort of lap times the AI are giving you in Q in pro season? Any lap times you have for circuits might help me decide whether to embark on a pro season. Traction is my biggest problem in this game (on Xbone with controller) and you can't change the settings for it on Xbone.
  3. M, look, the best i did in Aus was a 1'29"8xx lap on mix 3 and hitting all kerbs, while the AI was in 1'26"6xx in the first short stint in prime tires, while i was on option. In race, i'm 4 seconds slower than the fastest, and in a Force India, i'm right behind a McLaren, fighting for a 9th place, but had to keep my intermediate a lot of laps and it's really hard to keep the car on track. I'm on the 20th lap and i reloaded it like 40 times because AI is too stupid and hits you in the back, gets you out of the race, and they penalise you, for example. Is very hard, and i'm considering buying a pro wheel, because i'm playing in a xbox 360 controller, which is very weird, by the way.

    Cheers mate!