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PRO 2015: Season Information

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Georg Winter, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Welcome to the 2015 Season of the Formula SimRacing PRO Series Championship.

    Race Director: Georg Winter
    Assistant Race Director: TBA(If interested please apply to Thomas Mundy)
    Race Length: 60% (1 Race)
    Mod: FSR 2015 Custom
    Aids Allowed: Auto-Clutch, ABS(low), TC(low)

    Media/Press Team
    Cameras/Broadcast: Sam Jones
    Commentators: Jonny Simon / TBA
    Articles: TBA

    5th April 2015 Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne
    12th April 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang
    26th April 2015 Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai
    17th May 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix, Sakhir
    31th May 2015 Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal
    14th June 2015 Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg
    28th June 2015 German Grand Prix, Hockenheim
    12th July 2015 British Grand Prix, Silverstone
    30th August 2015 Italian Grand Prix, Monza
    13th September 2015 Luxembourg Grand Prix, Nurburgring
    27th September 2015 Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore
    4th October 2015 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka
    18th October 2015 United States Grand Prix, Austin
    8th November 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos
    *Circuits Subject to change

    Race Day Scedule
    Sunday, 12:35 GMT: Server opens for PQ 1 *
    Sunday, 12:45 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 1 *
    Sunday, 13:00 GMT: Server opens for PQ 2 *
    Sunday, 13:05 GMT: Pre-Qualifying Group 2 *
    Sunday, 13:20 GMT: G1 Practice
    Sunday, 13:35 GMT: G1 Qualifying 1
    Sunday, 13:45 GMT: G1 Qualifying 2
    Sunday, 13:50 GMT: G1 Warmup
    Sunday, 14:00 GMT: G1 Race Start
    Sunday, 15:10 GMT: G2 Warmup **
    Sunday, 15:20 GMT: G2 Race Start **

    *Optional Sessions; see Pro Rules Supplement (http://www.formula-simracing.net/racefiles/Rules/2014 FSR Pro Rules Supplement.pdf)[Rules may change slightly till season start)
    **Pre-Qualifying format may change to multi Q session (like Winter Series)

    You can use this thread for discussion and questions about the upcoming season.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2015
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  2. If there is between 27 and 36 drivers participating, does this mean some will not get to race? As it says if there is less than 27 then no pre-qualifying will take place and if there is more than 36 then there will be a pre-qualifying.
  3. If it`s less than 36 Driver but more than 26 there will be a Pre-Qualifying and everybody who dont reach Top26 is not allowed to Race. If its 36 or more Driver they can race in Grid2. But there is no sense to make a Grid2 race with 3-4 Driver ;)
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  4. Ah I see, I just hope that my time will not be spent watching the races as I failed to qualify, pressure is on now!
  5. When will we know what Tires will be used for the 1st 2 races, 1st race is 1 week away and the 2nd race is 1 week later?
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  6. As the race distance is 60% will tyre wear change or will it stay the same as the other divisions?
  7. Tyre wear is identical for all divisions.
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