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[PRL] FIA GT3 Series News Column

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Andrew Holmes, Apr 12, 2014.

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    Here is where you can post your news snippits and tell us about your times on and off the track with information you need us to know. Have fun!
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    Here at the RaceDepartment News Column, we caught up with Andrew Holmes of the PRL GT3 Series who had some interesting things to say about the up-coming season. "The GT3 Series has always been something that I've wanted to take part in, and when I got the chance to race and run a GT3 championship, I could hardly say no! There are eight cars available to compete in this championship, with seven manufacturers willing to supply the teams and drivers with the perfect racing machines. It will be a great battle between the manufacturers and drivers. This season is going to be a mixed bag!"

    We then asked Andrew whether he had selected a team and car for the coming season. He then said: "I have a good idea which car I will be using, there are three possibilities for me, however I will be testing almost every car available at Monza and Spa. As for a team, I'm talking to both Rui and Darren about a team, however the rule that we all have to use the same chassis is not suiting one of the drivers I'm in conversation with. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

    Finally, we asked Andrew what he felt was the aim for the coming season. He replied: "After the first test I'm no wiser than I was before about the other drivers; I don't underestimate the abilities of any of the drivers that have signed up out there so I feel that seven wins will be the target for me throughout the twenty four races between now and the end of the Brands-Hatch weekend. If we exceed that, then brilliant, but that is a high aim for the first season."​
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    Andrew Holmes reveals to the News Column that he will be driving alongside Rui Martins in the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 after finding positive handling feedback in the test at Monza yesterday afternoon. Despite arriving late at the Autodromo Nationale Monza, Holmes was able to figure out that with tweaking, the SLS would be the best all-rounder for him in the coming season. Rui Martins, Holmes' new confirmed team-mate, also concluded that the SLS was a stable car and that it was great in most key areas. Andrew had this to say after the test: "The SLS is a quick car, and it plays to my strengths with punchy brakes and stable, heavy steering. I was say behind the Ferrari on the long straights and I was swamped though, so we'll have to work on speed. I tried to keep up around the Monza track and I tried a little too hard which is why I locked the tears and slammed into Pablo, so yeah, got to work but we can sort things out."​
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  4. Leon Racing Team Press Release:

    LRT headquarters in Central America have been busy at work getting prepared for the GT3 Championship, "our decision to join was confirmed late but we have everything under control" said LRT boss Anibal Ceciliano, who is currently in negotiations with NISMO after running a 458 Italia in recent tests "unfortunately we will have to switch cars because of the regulation change but we will be ready for the next tests, we trust our team and rider will be able to adapt quickly to which ever car we decide to run this season".

    Pablo Cortes #35:
    "Everything is going great with the team, we get along well and they have worked so hard to get up to speed. Our first test was a little glitchy but that is normal, it being the first time we work together." He added: "Sylverstone is a long technical track and we just didnt have a proper base set up, we have big problems in the rain and I need to work on that but we will get it right. Monza was a little more promising, not becuase of the times since we will need to change cars anyways but because we worked well and the atmosphere in the box was great which made me confident to push and do a good job. Hopefully we will have the new regulations and test schedule soon since all I wanna do is start racing!"
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  5. Killer Bunny Racing: Media Release 1

    With the season starting in a while Killer bunny Racing has been launched.

    In Saycarusse, Italy the team took the covers off their new Mercedes-Bens SLS
    AMG GT3 cars.

    The reaction from the croud gathered to watch the release was more than the team could have hoped for. With emphatic cheers the drivers Sakis Politis and Richard Coleman took the covers off the pair of new Arctic White SLS AMGs.

    When asked about the season ahead both drivers were reluctant to comment saying simply "Watch this space."

    Could that simple comment be interpreted as a challenge to the other teams or possibly just a statement meaning wait and see?

    Answers will be given to these questions when the season kicks off at Mount Panorama Bathurst where both drivers had an impressive 1,2 at the RaceDepartment GT6 25lap Enduro earlier in the year.

    One thing is for certain this team is one to watch with 2 high calibre drivers.

    Written by: Richard Coleman..... Slightly biased towards this team :D

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  6. City of Arts and Sciences - Night.jpg

    This Sunday afternoon, 12-57 Racing's Andrew Holmes and Rui Martins will be pulling the sheets off of their new racing machines. Andrew and Rui spoke about the up-coming season and what they expect of the car and year. The team released the jet black SLS AMGs in Spain, before heading to Switzerland and Japan to get some good publicity shots.​
    Eiger Nordwand Short Track.jpg
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    Martins talks about the start of the season and the Mercedes-Benz he will be driving:
    "I’m very excited for the start of the season, we will have a hard season in front of us because the teams that have already showed up in testing are very strong, but I’m confident we will be able to keep them on their toes, we have a good, stable car and we only need to optimize the set-up for the upcoming races to be comfortable with the car. But we will see how it goes on the first race of the season, that will be were we can have an idea how the field really is."

    Then, Holmes commented on the season and his new car:
    “I’m looking forward to the season very much, I think that me and Rui will be a good team together throughout the season and will help each other a lot. As Rui touched on, the car is quick and stable, we decided early on that it was between the BMWs and the Merc, but different races. I think there will be a few circuits where set-ups can be shared, like the Cote D’ Azur and Circuito de Madrid, although this is not definite.”
    The Third test looms close, so Holmes and Rui will be looking to create the best base set-up for the car before heading to Bathurst and Fuji.
    Syracuse - Night.jpg
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    Andrew Holmes of 12-57 Racing states that after the penultimate pre-season test yesterday afternoon, he is feeling 'Unbelievably good' going into the first season. The Briton tested his new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11 yesterday around the high speed, flowing, Spa-Francorchamps circuit and was able to get some very meaningful running with the team. 'It was unfortunate that Rui couldn't make it today, but we got some good running in the car. I do confess that I was struggling over one lap to keep up with Hamilton a little bit in his beautiful yellow SLS, but that's all part of the racing. He looks to have a good setup and is obviously quick, so I'm looking forward to that fight. I think now with one test left before we go racing we've got a couple more areas to work on, but on the whole I'm happy with the balance of the car and can't wait to go racing. Its all coming together now!'

    Holmes then commented on his aims for the first races:
    'I think that either me or Rui will be able to win at least one of the first six races (three rounds), we have a strong package and will be ready for Bathurst and Fuji. The Swiss round will be a mixed bag with all the teams and drivers going a different way on setup to compensate for the tight hairpins and the large crest, so, it should be fun I think!' ​
  8. "Controlled Optimism"
    Factors outside racing held both drivers away from official practice sessions and we lost valuable feedback. Nonetheless, both @Sakis Politis and @Richard Coleman had numerous laps individually in order to find the best balance between speed and consistency. All compounds where tested and some pretty good setups were the results of the hard work on track for both hard and soft tires. The result was a "Frankenstein" setup using tweaks from both drivers' feedback and we are happy with it. The SLS AMG GT3 can be a very understeering car as well as tail happy in a blink of an eye. Trying to fight both effects and have a good balance was a long procedure. We know we will face tough opponents on track but we both have respect for opponents and faith to each other. So far so good, Killer Bunny Racing prefers to "talk" on tarmac with its hard work and dedication...
    Live in a few hours from Mt Panorama for the season opener!​
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  9. The first two races were very interesting. In the absence of our team mates me and Andrew were the only representatives of our teams. Things started ideally as I got pole position for the first race but was overtaken in the first corner by Andrew. I was following close for a couple of laps when my rear right tyre hit the wall in the left hand corner before the long straight and the game considered it a crash. The car ran crippled and until the damage penalty finished, Andrew was already flying far away. From there I pushed hard to close the gap and as I was approaching I lost time again in the uphill left corner due to my misjudge as I was lapping a car. Lost time again, pushed, got close again and pitted a lap before Andrew. When we both finished with the mandatory pit stop he was 2 secs in front with 2 laps remaining, later on he went off course after the long straight so the lead was mine until the finish. The win is dedicated to my team mate @Richard Coleman who couldn't participate... Come and spice things up mate!

    For race 2 I was able to improve my lap times and had good expectations. Unfortunately Andrew made a mistake and we went for race without qualifying. Shuffled start but we went in front with me following him once again when I made a hugely idiotic mistake, creating a gap of 15 secs... Pressure as always and managed to get close enough again. Then Andrew had an exit and entered the track as I was coming fast. If it was a PC game with full damage we would be out of the race for sure. We finished with less than half a sec gap and Andrew took the win. I will not hide the fact that I was very upset because it is one of the basic rules of this forum (and in general of course) and we accepted that we agree to pay attention when entering the track. This move was not dodgy, it was irresponsible as he knew I was coming and instead of safely return to track, he entered the racing line as I was storming through in a fast downhill corner (before the S). The result would be different if I passed without engaging in this accident. Photos are also available on demand.

    Thanks everyone for the races and showing up!
  10. I tried entering the track and crossing it to get out of your way but the wheels spun and I slid towards the right. Sorry. And the races on Thursday aren't preceded by Qualifying