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Tracks Prince George Circuit 2013 v1.0 For AMS 2016-08-09

Prince George Circuit 2013 For AMS.track

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  1. Gringo



    I was thinking of building a new AIW for PGC, unless someone out there has all ready started working on one.

    If @Marco Guerra agrees, It would be a week or so before I have something.

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  2. Hi Gringo, can you make also a new AIW for Portimao if Marco agree ? It's a very good track made by him but I think that with your aid it could become even better.
    Just a suggestion.;)

  3. PieterN


    That would be great Gregory, this track has an nice layout for racing !
  4. Gringo


  5. trees.jpg @Marco Guerra, Only just come across your track and like the layout but I have a problem with some of the trees.
    Never struck this before and this problem does not seem to be shown in the release video.
    Obviously others have indicated that all is ok with this track, can someone help me with this.

    Sorry for the post, found that I had the settings for circuit etc too low.
    All fixed....:redface::redface::redface::redface:
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2016
  6. Either your track detail or textures needs to be set to max
  7. This happens when the texture don't have generated mipmaps.