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PrestoGP Updater

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Valter Ostman, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    When I run the update only for replay files my skin and the rest of the team gets deleted. I must run skin updates every time I download anything. Funny behavior:)
  2. I don't know why that would happen, but a work around would be to point the updater to some other folder (directory) than your actual Race07 folder.
  3. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I have made the present skins write protected now. But if that doesn't work I will try your sulotion, thx mate.
  4. Yes the updater is a very unconventional thing
    I have a multi boot system
    (something like he does not like!)
    he insists on the existing folder from the original installation Race07.
    today I have made several hours around, now he goes again :)
  5. I had issues once on a dual [OS] boot system.:pcbeat:

    I did a search for Presto and found a folder with the preference/ config file in the [user]\AppData\Local\Divine_Studios folder. I deleted the Divine_Studios folder and contents and ran the Updater. [Might be better/ easier to search for Divine_Studios].

    It's like doing a fresh install for the app so you will need to set the race 07 folders again. But it solved my issue(s)... Not sure if I am recommending this but it wont hurt anything...:pray: :)
  6. I think I know what is going on. For the updater to work properly, one have to leave the PrestoGP folders to the updater. What has happened with you Valter is the following:

    I had to edit your ini file because Robin's skin didn't appear in the game. Since I made this change in the file I had to make sure that everybody "out there" got the same change. The only way I can do this is to
    a) include the following delete command in the updater: delete-CustomSkins/PrestoGP Season 5/Team Sweden F1/ (deletes the folder from your pc)
    b) delete the team sweden f1 folder from the updater
    c) add the new version of the skin with a different name (so I removed F1 from the name)

    Did all this make sence?

    I'm guessing Valter has his own version of the team sweden skin named "team sweden f1" while the updater wants you to have a folder named "team sweden" in stead (so you can see Robin on track).

    Edit: oh yes, the thing that deletes skins runs regardless of what is hooked off under settings :)
  7. Lol, I am afraid Daimian is the only guy that can provide the answers we need.
  8. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thx for the explanation, I have a second copy of the skins, no serious problem at all.
    My OS is Vista.
    The current custom skin folder: "C:\Users\Valter\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins\PrestoGP Season 5\Team Sweden"
  9. So what happens if you run the updater now? If it deletes "C:\Users\Valter\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins\PrestoGP Season 5\Team Sweden" then something is seriously wrong. And, if you open the file "C:\Users\Valter\Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins\PrestoGP Season 5\Team Sweden\driver.ini" with notepad or wordpad, does it say Robin or Daniel almost at the very top?
  10. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks Nicolai, I'm sure it wil work next time. I will try to update replays after Monza. Make notes of my Updater-settings, and I already have a copy of the team sweden folder.

    In the game; I can select cars for Robin, Kurre or Me and Myself. I see all the team skins. Robin is first in the driver.ini file.
  11. That is good, then you have the same version as the updater :)
  12. Valter Ostman

    Valter Ostman
    PrestoGP Veteran

    I have updated once again. Everything ran like clockwork. I must have done something wrong when the Swe skins was deleted.