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PrestoGP Avid Sports Broadcast Recruitment 2016

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Ron Squire, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Hello Everyone

    Avid Sports have finally got things sorted for PrestoGP for this year after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to bring live coverage of PrestoGP in March last year due to bad internet, interruptions and other things letting the broadcast down, but now we have got all those things sorted and now there is a very good chance of clear broadcast's for this year and willing to go through and through.

    Myself and Jona Lex (hopefully) are on Commentary duty for this year, but just incase we need backup commentators, p[it reporters or pundits to join us, so if you are not planning to race this year or just like to pop in for a chat about PrestoGP and everything related, then please PM me or Skype me (ron.squire1995) and we can chat from there.

    So the current vacancies are:

    Backup Commentators (needed when one of the main commentators can't make it or they have mic problems) - 2 SPACES AVAILABLE

    Pit Reporter(s) (not mandatory, but optional for further depth during races when it comes to pit activity) - 1 OR MORE SPACES AVAILABLE

    Pundits (not mandatory, if you are not busy or like to talk then please drop in) - EVERYONE WELCOME

    Thanks for your time and see you in 3 weeks.

    Ron Squire (Avid Sports)
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  2. We are still looking for any Backup Commentators, Pit Reporters or Pundits, so if anyone is free or not willing to race his year then please contact me via PM or on my skype (ron.squire1995)

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  3. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    will you be testing the broadcast tonight @Ron Squire ?
  4. bit busy right now, but i think it will be alright
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  5. Reactivating this thread, just incase anyone needs to know.
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  6. Just PM me if you are interested
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  7. actually a new commentator is needed now for the next month only, PM me now if you are interested infact......pm now i don't want to waste time.
  8. if i don't get anyone in there maybe a possibility in the whole Broadcast being cancelled out....for the next month anyways
  9. Have you tried in other forums? Maybe it's mostly the drivers hanging around here. Just a thought, and good luck :)
  10. what other forums would you recommend?