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Presto GP - Pacific Series (RACE 07)

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Steve Crossland, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Presto Pacific is now running the MMG F1 2007 For the coming season.
    Members are allowed to race in FPRO if they wish as the dates and times do not clash.

    Sign up thread is open.
    There are reserved seats for a number of Pacific drivers carrying over from last season.
    Once the list is full we are allocating drivers to the reserve list which means they are able to race in the event that we have room. Hopefully drivers not showing will give us plenty of notice so that we can allocate seats to reserve guys in advance for upcoming events.


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  2. Mark Brunner

    Mark Brunner
    Premium Member

    I think the Season dates/tracks can be somewhat shorter than the Feb through June season of Formula Pro?

    Nice picture :)
  3. cool, since pacific is not racing f1 I am joining the european division to drive f1 but maybe it is possible to do the pacific f3000 as well? Hope that works with the Admins!
  4. Mark Brunner

    Mark Brunner
    Premium Member

    I have joined the F1 Pro which takes place for me at least saturday afternoons and will continue to race pacific F3000. The F1 Euro dates didn't work for me as it would be me on a Wed mid-week with a gamble on if I would even be in the state or not.
  5. Hey guys, holdenss06 here, and I just want to say Welcome to RD! I hope you all have fun in Pacific season 3 and I wish Steve and co. all the best... :D
  6. hi steve please may i reserve a spot for the this leauge mate?
  7. Noel Spence

    Noel Spence
    Premium Member

    thanks rhys come back we are now fi
  8. FPPS S3 - Signups Now Open

    FPP S3 - Signups Now Open

    Entry List

    What is this?

    This is the Entry List thread of the Formula Pro Pacific Series also known as Presto Pacific.
    Before you enter, please read carefully all information pertaining to the league --> info

    Post a reply to this thread with the following information:
    Driver: [name]
    Team: [not compulsory]
    Car Type: [car from the 2007 season or custom livery]
    Introduction: [previous entries and results of the team/drivers]

    Available default liveries to choose from: There are 11 car models from the 2007 Formula 1 season and 13 liveries

    • Ferrari F2007
    • McLaren MP4/22
    • Toyota TF107
    • Honda RA107
    • Spyker F8-VII
    • Williams FW29
    • Super Aguri SA07
    • Red Bull RB3
    • Toro Rosso STR2
    • Renault R27
    • BMW Sauber F1.07
    • 1997 Jordan-Peugeot (based on the Spyker)
    • 2009 Brawn (based on the BMW)

    Full time Drivers (in no particular order) are:

    1-Noel Spence
    2-Mark Brunner

    3-Chris Hendrich

    4-Steve Crossland (Admin)
    5-Tim Petersen

    6-Mitchell Chapman

    7-Kevin Birchall
    8-Jeff Simons

    9-David Street
    10-Bob Luneski
    11-Brendan Crosby
    12-Brian Tarrant
    13-Rod Tarrant (Krit Tarrant to take over soon)
    14-Daniel Giles
    15-Ivan Mills
    16-Joshua Wilson
    17-Jonathan Wilson
    18-Peter Marshall
    19-Leif Davidsen
    20-Phil Cook
    21-Chris Rigby
    22-Ethan Rayner (NEW)
    23-Mike Manwell (NEW)

    24-Lutz Dassler (Ameise)

    David Noden Chris Vick
    Jesse Dixon
    Eric Kaczmarek
    Kimber Jansen
    Gunthar Rowe
    Ken Innes
    Ben Sullivan
    Andrew Roberts
    Curt Bennett
    Michael Bonafe
    Cody Kutzner
  9. OK, I will get the ball rolling...

    Steve Crossland
    Team: Ring of Fire
    Car Type: Toyota TF107
    Introduction: Admin for Pacific F3000 league now for 2 seasons, this will be my 3rd.
    -Finished 3rd in season 1 with a single race win
    -Finished 6th last season
    -I'm an ex-Superkart Racer from Sydney, Australia, now residing in New Zealand
  10. Driver: Ben Sullivan
    Team: GoDaddy Racing
    Car Type: Red Bull RB3
    Introduction: Regular middle of the pack runner in the Presto Pacific league for the last two seasons. Here to enjoy the game and some fair racing.
  11. Mark Brunner

    Mark Brunner
    Premium Member

    Driver: Mark Brunner
    Car Type: Red Bull RB3
    Introduction: This will be my 3rd season with Pacific I joined mid season 2. Last season finished 4th in points with two 1st place and two 2nd place finishes out of 7 races attended
  12. Mark Brunner

    Mark Brunner
    Premium Member


    Are we following the same calendar now?
  13. Driver: Andrew Roberts
    Team: GoDaddy Racing
    Car Type: Honda RA107
    Introduction: 8th in season 1 (4/10 RACES) , 9th in season 2 (5/10 RACES)
  14. Driver: Brendan Crosby (kungris)
    Car Type: BMW Sauber F1.07
    Introduction: 2 years of sim racing experence (with a wheel), no league experience
  15. in the process of posting the dates now....
  16. Driver: Tim Petersen
    Team: CSRC Racing
    Car Type: McLaren MP4/22
    Introduction: Last season Prestogp Pacific league: Missed 1 race finished 7th in points. I have been around racing my whole life, not as a driver but as a team member or support crew. Mostly sprint cars. off road racing and NASCAR. I enjoy all sorts of motor racing and driving these open wheelers has been a blast. I'm looking forward to more great racing with friends. Good luck too all in the upcoming season.
  17. Driver: Joshua Wilson
    Team: Wilson F1
    Car Type: Preference: BMW Sauber 2007!
    Introduction: Hi guys, competed in part of the Presto GP Pacific Season 3 but mised most races :( Have raced WTCC leagues before, raced GT Legends before moving onto GTR Evo. Look forward to racing with the pacific guys again!
  18. Driver: Jonathan Wilson
    Team: Wilson F1
    Car Type: Preference: BMW Sauber 2007 Car
    Introduction: Was only able to compete in the first few races of the '09 Presto Pacific League - Season 3. Took two second places & one pole position (Spa & Monza). Looking forward to racing F1's and hopefully getting one on Cody :)
  19. Driver:Brian Tarrant
    Car Type: Not fussed, can someone do me a skin?
    Introduction: 3 Seasons in Power and Glory with fair success. Find open wheelers very enjoyable but difficult so look forward to clean racing, if not fast.
  20. Steve, I just sent 3 PM's to you (all are roughly the same but sent one after another because wasn't sure if each of them got through?), If you could let me know if you recieved them that'd be great!

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