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Preserving your tires.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by loading..., May 10, 2011.

  1. I'm currently racing at Catalunya. I'm in my first year of seven and I'm racing for Lotus. The race is in the wet but at around lap 20-22 a dry line develops. The only way I can finish in the points (aside from decreasing the difficulty) is to one stop but I'm struggling to make my wets last until the dry line appears.

    Can anyone give me some tips on maximizing the life span of the tires?
  2. Don't brake and turn, do not slide the car on the corner out (easy on the throttle), use 2 gear not 1 as lowest gear and try to cool down your wets in the remaining water on the track, be easy on the wheel in one word you must be smooth in your driving style. Also you can gamble and pit a bit early (a lap or two) and put on primes (you can still "have the car in your hands" with smart driving - do not rely to much on the recommended strategy from the pit monitor. Also you should try to make setup that is more "tyres friendly".
    And finally switch your camera to bumper for a moment so you can see the track more clearly an determine if it is dry or not.

  3. I do tend to trail brake so I'll be sure not to do it. My throttle control is rather good and very rarely slide the car. I think I'm being fairly smooth, when I turn into a corner the line I take is smooth but perhaps the way I turn in needs tweaking to get the best life span out of the tires. I'm wary of pitting before the dry line develops as when it appears varies by as much as three laps... I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I pit early I have no grip, I pit late then I loose time on worn wet tires... I pit at the right time and everyone else follows me in which of course means they come in to the pit behind me and the engineer lets them all out before me.

    This game is so frustrating.
  4. The AI drivers are crazy on Catalunya. Try to start on inters... or if the conditions are full wet maybe two stop strategy will work (wets/inters and inters/primes). Try to make fast but stable setup. Try to put front wing lower and use the moving function during race to put downforce during wet conditions(down on straight and again up at the end of the straight). Try softer suspension (6/6. 5/5) and lower front ride than rear 1/2 and harder roll bars (more to the front), put weight distribution 50/50, the car will "dive in" on braking so you will have more grip and better control. Pit one or two laps before AI not after them. I don't know what else to write
  5. Thanks for the help. Most of what you'd suggested, I had already done and it seems that the AI is just too fast (it'#s so annoying that they don't have fuel sim!). AS for pit stop strategy, I can't do a two stopper, I haven't got the pace... or rather the AI is unrealistically fast.
  6. Just skip through Catalunya and dont bother wasting time trying to get the position you desired for. You can be pole and hog the line in first position. The moment you pit, you will be dropped to 20th or lower and despite how hard you try, its just not possible.

    Perhaps maybe when you turn all sim to off. Than you may have a chance of getting into the higher tier position.
  7. That's one thing i abolutley hate about those tyres, and i'm already afraid for the 2011 Pirelli slicks in the new game.My driving Style is pretty agressive so the wet tyres would only last 15 laps in your race.Pretty bad if you are in a good position at the start cause you pretty much lose all your positions anyways.
  8. The tires aren't the problem. The problem is AI don't play by the same rules when it comes to fuel, the reason they can do so many more laps is they're racing a car that weighs around 640kg and we start the race with one that weighs about 790kg. The game is still very playable but if this issue doesn't get fixed in the 2011 game, I definitely won't be buying it (and that's coming from an obsessive F1 fan and gamer).