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Helmets Predator Helmet 1.0

predator helmet

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  1. nice 1 i loved this movie !
  2. GREAT!!! Thank you. Goes well with my car. :laugh:
  3. you're a natural
  4. good guy..very good really
  5. realitychecked


    Very good! Although, the logo in the rear fin is a bit off... well, nothing really important. :thumbsup: ;)
  6. Awesome helmet, looks stunning. Thanks mate.
  7. Best Helmet I've seen, great work:thumbsup:
  8. so.. gen50 is ingame? cant find it :(
  9. Wow, great first effort, cheers.
  10. Change the Gen number to any one you like... 01, 02, 03 etc.
  11. excellent
  12. youre right its a little bit off
    but is my first helmet :whistling:
  13. tnx guys
  14. Roderick Kennedy

    Roderick Kennedy
    Premium Member

    Very nice helmet,thank you.
  15. awesome.thanks.:cool:
  16. very cool helmet,thanks juuppie:thumbsup:
  17. Not the most detailed helmet i've used but I have to say, this is fantastic....original and so right. The best helmet i've used in my career over all the F1 games since 2010 version. Excellent work, Looking forward to some more original work from you. Now if you should produce an Aerosmith helmet i'd be in helmet heaven.
  18. maybe i can do a aerosmith helmet for you
  19. That would be just awesome. Google the Pump album logo and you'll have the perfect aerosmith helmet/colours