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pre season setup thread: Spa, Mugello, Hungary,...

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Reik Major, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hy F1-fanatics! :)

    As the season comes closer I thought about making an early setup thread related to our first evetn race track Spa and some tracks to be voted in for the season. I added the setups which I used for my so far best laps at the related tracks, so they are qualy style.

    As a base I used my best Monaco setup and with some slight adjustments it works great! :)

    The base setup comes from Barcelon07, because I expected some similar wing settings should suit well. If I find the time later I'll try lower wings too.

    This setup is very much influenced by the Aqua Vista team. When it got developed, we had not reached the point that we shared our setups officially. So I do now. :)

    Have fun guys... :cool:

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  2. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

  3. Thank you gents :) 4 weeks to go!
  4. thx for sharing guys:D
  5. Thanks guys!:cool:
  6. Thank you guys, I will start testing soon :)
  7. no problem mates! :)

    Great laps Sean! Looks like you'll be very competetive this season! I'm sure others will be too, so I can't wait it. :)

    I hope all members support Nicolais admin stuff as much as possible so he could also show his full potential as a race driver. I know he is very fast if we give him some time to practice. :)
  8. Thank you for your nice words :) You really inspire me to do my best to honor the faith you have in me :)
  9. Good to hear mate. :) Without your motivation, we all wouldn't have this great place to race and chat...
  10. Looks like the fast are getting faster... Just starting practice for the upcoming season now, so I'm going to try all of these setups today.

    Thanks Reik and Sean.
  11. Thanks very much for sharing guys! I'm so glad I found this community, when I did and seen how many members... I was like, i've seen him before and him before, oh and him and so on lol In some ways its a shame that not more people know of this site, I think half the problem for people that've tried the F1 mod is either finding a half decent setup, or having the patience to get their head around playing with it but possibly, in some ways, this might help separate some idiots from this game, whom I'd suspect are more likely the type of people to have little respect for other racers. Same old saying, swings and roundabouts! :tongue:

    Thanks again guys, i'm gonna go try these out! :D
  12. I don't understand this, I am not able to post setups anymore. I try, but when I push the insert button, nothing appears in my post. Anybody have a clue?

    Lol, it seems it worked after all :)

    The first setup (1.1) is a typical setup of mine, relative understeer, easy and forgiving, but perhaps not the fastest. When trying Sean's, I found it had much more oversteer than mine which results in much higher apex speed than I can do. Throughout the long Spa track I lose too much time, so I made a hybrid of mine and Sean's (1,2). This setup I think is easier to drive than Sean's, but probably a bit slower. But it is faster and less stable than my original. Personally I will use the hybrid :)

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  13. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Thanks for sharing guys.
    Season is near and and have something to be studied is like water in desert:D
  14. I bet it is very similar to mine, at least when it comes to the tyres... I went for a medium/hard combo, I suspect u did the same, or perhaps a soft/medium? :) The setup felt very comfortable, it was the guy behind the wheel that was the problem :)

    View attachment s7 rv1,1.svm
  15. My final race setup based on Reik setup...it did ok today and kept me on track for the whole race :tongue:
    i used Reik Q for qualy..

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  16. No, I was on soft/soft. I found a tire pressure/spring/wing combination at the rear that gives me the same wear as at the front. Wear was about 60-64% after 14 laps. Maybe the gearing has also its importance.
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  18. thx david, but we should start a new setup thread for Hungaroring to make no one confused (like me) :) :)