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Pre-Season Race 1

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2016 Weekday Championship' started by SJM1337, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Pre-Season Race 1 | Belgium - Tuesday 30th August 2016 - 8PM BST

    Host: SJM1337
    Distance: 50%
    Qualifying Format: Short Qualifying
    SC: On
    Formation Lap: On
    Damage: Simulation
    Corner Cutting: Strict
    Weather: Dynamic
    Start Procedure: Manual
    Assists: BANNED except for racing line and automatic gears.

    The first pre-season race will take place next Tuesday, it will give drivers a chance to get used to racing alongside each other, aswell as give us a opportunity to test the league settings to see if we need to change anything, there will definatly be another one and maybe even a 3rd pre-season race if there is a patch from Codemasters that we need to test, but I will let you know later on down the line.

    The car draw will be completed and cars will be allocated by the weekend so you will know in advance of Tuesday what car you will be racing in this season, so that you can use it on Tuesday to get some practice in.

    Warning: This might be a pre-season race but this still counts as an event of our league, this means our rules must be respected, I advise all drivers to make sure they get comfortable with the game before they attend as we'd like to get a clean race in so we know what to expect for the upcoming season.

    Please let us know if you will be there, thanks!

    Attendance List:
    - Saif Mehmood
    Colin Knowles
    Andrew Wood
    Graham Jarvis
    Neil Vincent
    Sam Brown
    Mitchell Haverlag
    Bryan Burgemeestre
    Mark van Dam
    Jason Warburton
    Simeon Lynch
    Jack Harding
    Ben Powney
    Mikey Woolford
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  2. C.K / freechilly007 / F1 car please
  3. I can't make it unfortunately as I am away for the whole week, so if a reserve driver wants to test himself feel free!
    After that I am always able to race.
  4. I'm in
  5. How about Spa as its Spa weekend??
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  6. Put me down for the test anyway
  7. count me in chaps
  8. Count me in if there's space
  9. That's actually a good shout.
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  10. Count me in!
  11. I'll be there!
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  12. Now that I spent an hour last night racing around Spain :rolleyes:
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  13. Count me in aswell!
  14. I'm away all week so won't be able to make it unfortunately.
  15. I'll be available for this if you need reserves.

    Now.... To find out how to do a manual start without doing donuts.......
  16. I'd like to join in if possible? :D
  17. There should be space as not everyone will be attending on Tuesday so you should be ok.
  18. There's a chance I could make the race, but don't hold me to that. I'm still 50/50 on being able to race (if you call pulling over and letting everybody else lap you racing) :D
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  19. Seriously considering changing from mph to kph ingame :whistling:

  20. Please check the sign-up thread guys for the cars you have been allocated to, if any reserves are taking part in the pre-season race you may use any car that is free in the lobby at the time.
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