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Pre-Season Race 1: Silverstone - 4th August

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2015 Tuesday Championship' started by SJM1337, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Pre-Season Race 1: Silverstone
    Tuesday 4th August - 8:30PM BST

    Qualifying: Short
    Race Distance: 50%
    Weather: Dynamic
    Assists: Only racing line & auto-gears allowed
    Damage: Full
    Rules & Regulations: Full

    The first pre-season race will take place next week on Tuesday, it will be held at Silverstone with same rules and regulations that the league will run once it begins. Please let us know if you are planning to attend.​
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  2. Count me in
  3. I'll be there!
  4. Yes
  5. I am in!
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  7. I will be doing this! How do I sign up!

  8. You open and read the thread that says "sign-up thread". :p
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  9. I'll be on the grid!...(or at least in pitlane...)
  10. Practice lobby will be up at 7:45, I'll send out final invites for qualifying at 8:20.
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  11. I'll be there...
  12. What are competitive times around here?
  13. Jamie-Lee Mayers

    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Just Another Racer Premium

    You should know, you've been on all day :p
  14. haha yeah but I keep my ps4 standby with the game still running whilst I'm gone, havent done many laps against others!
  15. Almost a year ago now since we last raced together. I wonder who's rusty after last season?
  16. It's official...I'm gonna be the 'meatbag' in this league...jeezus I'm waay behind u guys..
  17. great, found a new glitch. Im stuck in the pitbox. My teammember is standing in front of me with his hand up, pretending there are cars coming.
  18. I did no such thing!
  19. whoops..4got the smileys!:p:D
  20. You guys will get your invites in the next few minutes just finishing this 3 lap practice.