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Praise for F1 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Peter Evans, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Reading through the threads has been an interesting experience. I have learnt a great deal, but jeez there are some moaners on here.

    I'd like to commend codemasters on making a great game. Yes, there are a few slight problems.

    The tire thing, I didn't get at all. But, I did 25% around Silverstone yesterday, pitted from primes to options on the first lap, and believe me, you don't want to attempt that. In the same breath, if I do 4 laps on primes, then I can switch to options for the remaining 2/3's of the race. This was pretty much the case in 2011. I always qualify on primes, so even in last 2011 there were an overwhelming majority of races where I could get away with 4/14 laps on primes, then change to options. There's no controversy. If you think you can do one lap on primes then the rest on options, come and race with me. I'm not super fast, but I guarantee I'll beat you when you lose all grip with 3-4 laps to go.

    Parc Ferme. Now, this has been introduced to stop people using a TT setup for qual and a more sensible setup for race. No ****, this is what I have been moaning to my friends about all year. ****ing brilliant idea.
    Now, if you join a race where qualifying has started, you're not allowed to pick your setup for the race only.. Again, totally fair imo. Why should I run a setup in qualifying which is full of compromises, especially with dry qual/wet race or vice versa, when some shmuck is able to come and join late and tailor their setup? Stop moaning people, seriously. If you want to run your setup, take part in the qualifying session.

    I've only raced online a few times, I must say it has been an extremely enjoyable experience. The penalty for crossing the white line is brilliant. The thing I enjoy most is watching traction control people running wide. Where they would usually keep the pedal to the metal and gain some kind of advantage over people who stay on track, now they're unable to abuse the run off area's. And please, don't give me any **** about it being a longer distance travelled. The speed people used to maintain through corners while intentionally running wide, coupled with outrageous corner exit speeds gives a massive advantage. For the purists, I'm sure they are willing to put up with the minor compromise of not being unassisted to stop the cheats ruining what is a brilliant game.

    Still getting to grips with this game though.. I'm working out braking at the moment.. Yes people, braking for a corner. Everyone is moaning about understeer. Deal with it, brake earlier, use different brakes. It's the same for all of us. I hear CM will be refining the game, I hope they don't pussy out to cater for the people who are unwilling to change their arcadey ways.

    So, there's a vaguely positive rant. I really like this game. Well done CM.
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  2. On tyres.

    Agree. Tyres are perfect.

    On Parc Ferme, agree, but practice is needed to be introduced into online races so people can work on their setups together, it's not essential but it'd be a nice touch for teammates.

    White line, agree.

    Purists in regards to not being unassisted, I don't care really, I stay on the road so I don't really notice it, as most people here would be the same I don't think it matters. It just stops corner cutters which is fantastic.

    Braking is perfect. It's amazing how many people can't figure out brake bias adjustments are important. I've seen people change 2-3 times a lap and gain bundles of time from it.

    Nice post.
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  3. @Peter Evans I agree with you entirely. I'm loving the actual challenge of driving and the importance of precision and consistency- I've had a few online races now where someone might have outright pace but can't keep the car on the track usually due to outbreaking themselves. This makes it sooo much more enjoyable!

    My only minor criticism is the inconsistency between online and offlline. I find this frustrating since, for example, the breaking points, are dramatically different between the two and although it only takes a lap or two to adjust- it would be better if there wasn't such a differential in grip levels.
  4. RE Parc Ferme, I think it's only annoying as the game is new. It was like when I crossed the white line for the first time.. I thought "****ers, but that is awesome!"
    Same goes for my first qualifying session when my guessed setup was ****, I thought "man that's annoying, but it will be awesome eventually"
    I think once people have a better idea of how to setup their car, of have saved good setup's offline, it won't be a problem at all.

    Glad there are more people who love the game. So many whiners on these forums.. A little ironic for me to be whining about the whiners, lol.. But, you get me.. Just got KO'd out of a qualifying session for blowing up my engine, shwoops.. Watching the rest of the unassisted lobby practising.. It's a jot to behold, I must say.. Some great driving going on
  5. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium

    at first the game was really fustrating me.
    i couldnt get around the over steer and could not get my car and wheel setup .
    i had to change my wheel settings from melbourne when i was racing in mayaslia.
    the setups feel great now.
    im really enoying the game and how it feels.
    i had f1 2010 and 11 on the ps3 this year i am playing on the pc and i have to say
    the graphics are really good compared to the ps3, i dont have any low frames or shuttering.
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  6. My only slight criticism is the wing mirrors in cockpit view. Way too huge, can't see a lot of apex's
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  7. Many many plus points + Few major niggles - Safety Car still....
  8. I've found the Ferrari to be best for visibility in that respect
  9. I must be lucky with the people I'm racing with.. I haven't encountered one yet
  10. Cheers man, will check that out.
  11. I would agree with you completely...

    If there weren't a list of crippling (which are unacceptable) and annoying (which one can live with if you absolutely have to) bugs in the game
    as long as my arm.

    I'm not talking about tactical decisions to not employ tyre scaling, or not having a grand prix season available in grand prix mode, or the fact that FP1 and FP2 have been cut.

    I'm talking about save game corruptions
    AI times bugging out in quali depending on whether you're on track or not
    Failure of the system to animate rain correctly (or behaving as if it was wet when it is 100% dry, and vice versa)
    Game losing your saved setups between quali and the race despite Parc Ferme rules.
    Not being able to play longer than 25% race distance in career mode (for some users)
    Invisible walls.
    Drive thru penalty/tyrechange bugs.

    and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head (which I have experienced personally).

    Many of these problems are not "niggling little issues" that can just be ignored. Many of these are deal-breakers. These problems directly reduce the enjoyment I (and many others) get from the game, and occur as a result of unacceptable levels of quality control and testing by the developers.

    When unsuspecting buyers purchase this game, and encounter these problems, their opinions are coloured and this means they may not be inclined to purchase future F1 games.

    This hurts codemasters bottom line directly, and reflects badly on the F1 game franchise.

    It is reasonable as a consumer to expect that a product behaves correctly out of the box, and with minimal of faults.

    F1 2012 does not.
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  12. I don't know about most of that stuff mate. I only play online, so not too bothered about having 3 practice sessions if I'm brutally honest. I must admit, i have had an issue with invisible walls, but it was the same in 2011. Gotta learn to avoid them for the time being..

    For me, they have attempted to rectify most of the shitty things about the last two games . They have tried stopping cheaters. I'm sure there will be a patch to sort that single player stuff eventually.

    As far as driving the car is concerned, and racing against other people, I can't say I've had too many annoying things happen.

  13. Then consider yourself lucky.

    I am glad you are able to experience the game with minimal issues. unfortunately, not everyone has been so fortunate.
  14. Personally i've found each CM F1 game a step forwards from the last.

    As for the bugs I didn't really experience any of them in the last two, but I have in this one.
    But I have found ways to deal with pretty much all of them.

    Most of them actually happen to be due to the flashback function, so i try not to use it if possible. Particularly in quali, because it can double your time if you flashback to before you finished your lap :/ It also can make your engine start smoking if you use a flashback, which made me sh*t myself the first time it happened.

    The drive through penalty bug can be solved by just taking it on the 3rd allowed lap, it works for me. It only loses setups between quali and race if you quit the game between.

    As for this save game corruption thing, i have never experienced it in any F1 game, and i have no idea what anyone is talking about :)

    If i want a realistic driving experience i will play rFactor, i mainly play F1 for the career mode. Best F1 CM game yet.
  15. I agree, I love this game and now that the patches have fixed a bunch of stuff I am very happy.

    My instant favorite thing was the fact that the game spends sooooo much less time on loading screens. Ugh '11 loaded for so long it seems. And I love the Texas track and the driver/team updates.
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  16. I love it, but the 1 thing I dont like is the stupid online penalties.

    Like when you do everything perfectly, get smashed into on the 1st bend, smash into someone else in a situation beyond your control, and end up starting from last with a +10 on your time.....
  17. Yeah man, haven't had any of those issues to be honest. I've only been racing 25% races with qual in no assist lobbies. I tend to find no assist people race in a more respectful way. I think I've had one annoying experience. It said I crossed the line in Suzuka. Went around to serve my drive through, did the exact same thing on the way out from serving my penalty.. And guess what? The following lap it happened again. My first and only rage quit,

    For the most part, the racing has been extremely enjoyable. Even races when I'm the slowest, it's nice trying to get to grips with the new handling system.