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Practise Race Reports and Discussion.

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    well how did everyones races go? lets us know.
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  2. Posted in the race thread so copied here.

    That was great fun, A bit bum clenching at the start of Race 2 when everyone screamed past, but fun all the same. Then came across Lewis Hamilton sideway on the road between the 2 Lesbos and took to the grass to lose a wheel.

    Much much practice is needed, these are so much quicker than a mini.
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  3. Agreed, great fun !!

    Qually, P3

    Race 1 : Start was not too bad, got away well from P3, but slowed too much before T1, got nudged from behind, suspension damaged, my own fault for being over-cautious. Spun off later in the same lap, ended up in last place. Managed to get back to P5 by lap 5, then took Lesmo 2 too quickly, and one of my rear wheels made a break for it :-/ and my race was over.

    Race 2 : Started from pole, lost P1 at T1, then the leader crashed out, and I had clean air and a clear track. Loved it :)

    Great races tho, thanks for letting me take part, and thanks to all who took part. See you around.

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  4. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Posted in the race thread so copied here.:)

    Happy to see some friends in holiday/intermediate-season :D Good training for me this evening not a nice Quali 1sec from my pb but managed 2 good race only one mistake Parabolica in front Sean what shame too easy pass me mate I wanted more difficulty for overtake:) I use the previous Sean's setup with some tweak brake pressure and damper put fuel and go.After 10 laps rear tires I used full SupSof was a bit at limit front not bad think 7 8 laps are possible but long time before Monza.Along race some overtake and a nice pressure from Bob;) a nice event at last:thumbsup:

    Thanks all guys for race and Thanks David for do the event start
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  6. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    thanks to all for turning up and making my life as easy as possible, first time ive run the server during an event and makes me appreciate nico's input all the more :)

    the practise session and practise starts seemed to go smooth enough for all, the odd mistake to be expected but on the whole pretty good with it being a very difficult turn 1 at monza and the lag factor.

    qualifying was good by all, i must say i prefer the old 25 mins qualifying session, althoguh 25 mins is maybe overly long, 15 mins sounds much better to me but superpole is good too.

    first race, decent start but was overtaken by dan into t1, i managed to get back past at turn 4 and from there i stayed between 2.5-3.5 seconds behind sean, he didnt make any mistakes at all so no chance of gaining, grats to sean for race 1.

    race 2 was revered grid which spiced things up a bit, the lag seemed to affect this start quite a bit too as alot of cars were jumping about, i was tagged from behind goingto turn 1 and suffered suspension damage i kept going but the car felt worse each lap until lap 9 it became undrivable and i ended 5th or 6th, grats dan for race 2.

    to sum it up, everyone seemed safe enough, the practise starts were decent and any incidents seem to have been sorted without any problems.

    p.s ive actually sorted the lag problem now, i had it set with an upload rate of 1mb, its now at 5mb upload so should be fine if we ever have to use it again. nico what damage level is our usual servers set to? i actually noticed i had it set to 100% damage and to be fair everyone coped admirably with that, the slightest bump wouldve caused problems.
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  7. I think we use 70% in PrestoGP races. It felt good so far so I'd leave it this way.

    I only could imagine lowering it to 50% for the practise races, so especially new comers don't fear too much about spoiling another one's race by the slightest touch.
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  8. 70% as Reik sais is correct :)

    Nice to read that you all had a pleasent race inspite of lag probs etc.
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  9. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    good idea about the 50% for practise races reik.

    i wasnt meaning that we should change the damage level im very happy with 70% as its always been, but it was good to see that so many of us finished the races and had a good time when the slightest bump couldve killed us lol. i'll add to this that nobody on the server including myself knew that the damage level was wrongly set to 100% so all managed to cope very well.

    it really was a pleasent experience nico, everyone took their time with me at the start trying to run the server so thanks for that guys, when on the track everyone seemed to take things seriously and to me it looked like the new guys are already at a decent enough level so it all bodes well for the new season :)
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  10. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Event was great fun with all the troubles grats to Dan for race win :) 1st race was ok i managed to get small gap early on and hold it to the end David close behind so no mistkaes possible. 2nd race 1st lap into 2nd chicane i think Bob L got braking slightly wrong i was having to brake a little more than usuall with cars in front this may have put Bob off a little making him have to snap the brake last part off braking zone ( np Bob:thumbsup: ) managed to keep going with supsension damage.
    Ye Vale it was a pitty i was going to savour the time behind you until you made that small mistake.:)
    Unlucky to Chirlie i seen him lose it at 2nd lesmo last lap 2nd race and running out of fuel last lap 1st race to pretty unlucky lol
    cyas at next practise race :thumbsup:
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  11. yes good race all felt great to be back racing with you all , and thankyou sean for pointing out my misshaps lol.
    i only had myself to blame so i can live with it, well i hope i can :(

    cyas next practise race were i will be deffo be sacking my ferrari fuel man :)
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  12. I know it's top secret, but could someone tell me what in game settings they have for clutch and brake?
    Mine is set to 50% for both, which works out great for a mini, but not so good in these. My brake lock up too easy and get so much wheel spin at the start I could whip cream for a continent with my rear wheels.
    It could also just be my dodgy DFGT pedals, but would be interesting to know.
    In race 2 I did knock my clutch down to 25% which was slightly better but still whipped cream for a country.

    EDIT: I hope you realise you will be hounded with questions from me, this has awakened the learning beast again.
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  13. Posted in the race thread too so here's my copy like Bob :thumbsup:

    First off Great race's i very much enjoyed being back not to my best today but i did better than i expected :thumbsup: Kennett np m8 but the second time u hit me i thought u were going to fast & didnt find your braking point on the track or it was laggy, but thats racing oh & Bob sorry i spun to the in the middle of track & my car was moving sorry if i ruined your race bro. cya next race :thumbsup:

    Yup a few people were lagging during the race & it was hard to judge braking points sometimes,& after watching all the replays today i notcied a few things a few where very laggy & that i did cross the pitline a few time's while starting my out-lap in P1 but no-one else was on track anyway after davey told me about it i realised what he was on about & i stopped it but i seemed lots of people doing it before he said it & after he said it! After watching replays today, Anyway i hope that clears up any confusion.:thumbsup:

    It has been brought to my attention that i had a issue with vale on the start of the second race which i thought i had done nothing wrong because i give him space when i overtook him on straight. i just thought i should bring that up :thumbsup:
  14. Nothing is secret here (except race strategy), that is one of the things that define us, we want you to ask about anything you are wondering so that we can help you learn faster :)

    I'll check to see what my settings are.
    All the sensitivity settings are set to 50% (including brake), while clutch is 16% However, I use auto clutch so I do not know if those 16% apply at all for me :) As you might understand, I have not touched these settings for years.
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  15. No auto-clutch and 18% brake& throttle, small adjustment in the driver level settings (tweaked curve, total sensitivity ~10%). I got pedal mod with stiffer springs and non-linear resistance curve, it's hardest at the 90-100% motion range to fit for the 90-100% extra precision fit for driving F1.. Clutch on steering wheel button, you don't need it on Race07 (some cars are quicker with auto-clutch off, like FWDs plus you get some more feeling in the lo revs where the clutch easily starts to slip, my opinion, not a fact.....). Neutral on sequential stick shift to push quickly for neutral=auto-stall ( Pull back=reverse).
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  16. I also forgott about my sensitivity settings and I'm not at home now to have a look, but I can tell you about my starting procedure.

    I have to use auto clutch with my Momo FFB wheel, because I have no clutch pedal and use shifters behind the wheel like in real F1. My clutch is set to 100%, so it releases very quickly and it's mapped to a button on the wheel.

    When the lights get red I hold the clutch button, go in 1st gear and rev up and hold revs between 14000 - 16000 rpm. When lights go on green I release the clutch button. At the same time I slightly release the power pedal and try to hold it at exactly the point of best traction (between too much wheel spin and revs falling down too much). Thats it.

    I (we) use a relativly long first gear, so when I hit the point of good traction well, I can go back to full throttle very quick, still being in 1st gear. A very, very tiny bit of wheel spin is fine. If there's too much of it, I have to release power again not to spin.

    Once you got it, it's not too difficult I think. Just a matter of practise (as always). ;)
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  17. Same except i just flip the gear in at the start, i have to try if releasing clutch is faster. I try to get a little bit of wheel spin, using Real Time Telemetry and practice starts to find correct throttle amount. In Monza it was 40-43%... Usually my revs stay constant until the tires find grip and then revs start to drop. I'll push the pedal to the floor before it bogs down, when the car is going perfectly straight i get good acceleration and don't need to worry about 1st gear torque peak spinning wheels (enough speed at that point..). It's a bit easier than floating on the grip level. Not as fast but pretty much idiotproof method of getting a good start everytime.

    There's a flaw in my techique (other than the obvious, revs aren't suppose to go down...) I'm constantly running in the back of cars too soon. It's mostly after the point where the spin has just stopped, revs are decreasing, at the point where i can push the pedal to 100%, i have to slow down or swerve to side, dangerous move when reaching torque peak with full throttle.. Since the revs are low and i have to slow down, it takes too much time to get revs up again. With "floating" or "feathering" the throttle there's more control..
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