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Practice, Sunday July 17, Mazda MX-5. Help!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Christopher Junkins, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Anyone willing to post a time they are willing to help me get better at lime Rock Park in the MX-5?

    I wasn't half bad, but recently got my first FFB wheel, the Logitech G27, and have had to start all over again in learning how to drive. It's COMPLETELY different having the wheel drive the car without input from you at times heh.

    I also need to learn how to drive using FFB to my advantage. Right now it's a total disadvantage. I have no clue about how to "heel n' toe" or any of that, and so many other things. I'll be on most of today and tonight!
  2. i think i did 59.7 with optimal 58. but only did few laps chasing with 1 friend so dont take it as my best shot :p
  3. lol, I meant a time that you would be willing to get on at and help out :). A microphone and/or headset would be really helpful too ;). Cya round.
  4. that takes huge amount of time :p i'm in online simracing for 5 years, and driving sims since my 1st wheel in '98 :) so takes time to get on speed. best thing you can do right now is to watch all iRacing school videos!
  5. Hi Christopher, I'd ask Flavien Vidal if you need any help on LRP with the MX-5. He's pretty quick in this car at LRP. I would send him a PM and see when you guys can meet up on one of the LRP practice servers. Just a suggestion. :)

    Also would take a look at his replays that he put up for LRP and Okayama Short.
  6. I'll look into that soon Will. As far as videos... watched them all. Watched several people via youtube and replays, also live. I've also had a few people watch me live and give feed back, but so far it's only gotten me a fraction better... More time in the sim and more time with other people watching will help even more I bet. So let's see who would like to volunteer?
  7. Another tip may be to join official races/practices (if there are any MX-5 @ Lime Rock on the schedule) as a spectator, and the you can drive as a 'ghost' without interfering with other racers.

    I find this a good way of learning other peoples driving styles for certain cars/tracks, in the knowledge that I'm not going to get in anybody's way or cause any crashes.

    This might give you what you want without having to pre-arrange sessions with anyone.

  8. The best I've managed is 1:00.016. Which is really annoying, so close to a 59. I'm sure I can pick up a lot of time in the first 2 corners however. Add me as a buddy 'Dean Thomas2' and i'll jump on and we can run it together.
  9. Chris, this is just my honest opinion here but it is something to think about... I wouldn't be so bent on trying to get really fast in any of the cars just yet. I have a feeling that the new tire model is going to change the ball game alot. If you try to drive really fast now with the style of driving it takes to do that you will regret it with the new tire model if it works the same as the class B oval car. You will burn your tires out in three or less laps driving as some of the really fast guys do now. The days of the drifting around corners perfectly to be really fast for 20+ laps are numbered now. IMO...

    Just remember this... Slow down a bit, hit your apex just right and position your car to get out of the corners faster.
  10. well, i want to not think about that what Joe said, but he's right. Also, i'll lose a lot of the speed with this, as i like when car is a bit loose, which uses rear tires more, and with this NTM will mean that my rears are gonna wear out so maybe will get some punctures, or it will be very slippery. So dont learn to drive from me as i throw the car around :p :D