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Practice Sessions, Teammate Setup, etc.

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ben Ross, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how to look at your teammate's setup. The engineer was saying stuff like 'Lucas is faster in Sector 3, it might be good to look at his setup' (or something similar). Is there a way to look at and/or use your teammates setup?

    I can see the pre-set setups but am unsure if those change per track or if they are just 5-6 defaults that are always the same.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Bump for an answer. I was looking for the option to copy my teammate's settings but didn't see anything.
  3. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Btw, there is more than only the quick sets. Look back in front in the pit-box. Press enter at the monitor to zoom in. Then the last option (to the right) is the setup. There you can adjust almost everything you need. Almost on par with Race07/rFactor... some options are missing, but who cares :) (i think lots of drivers, but for the majority of people there is enough to change)

    You can load and save setups. But it used ingame slots, so I guess the game stores the sets in an in-game database. Have not yet found them on disk. But we can always write them down :)
  4. Yep, I was actually in that more custom setup screen as well. I actually really like the menus. The live timing is great and the ability to accelerate time is a great feature. You definitely feel like you are part of a race weekend with the other cars in and out of the garage, hearing what your teammate is up to etc.

    That is why the only thing I am missing is the connection between my engineer telling me about my teammate and a way to see what settings he is currently using. I figured in the setup screen there would be a way to switch to teammate setup, or possibly in a different colour it would show what settings he has in the different categories so that you could choose to copy as many of them as you like while you continue to tweak.

    That being said, I haven't figured out how to do that yet - Still hoping someone else has seen it.
  5. Looking for this answer too, but guess it mite just be a hint to say you are on the wrong setup or something.
    Would be usefull to be able to share setups in this way. Really miss telemetory in this game as it is invaluable to help you find a tenth or two on the track. Used it on forza and even better on SBK where you could view alongside a second (someone elses lap) and compare.

    Great game tho nevertheless.
  6. If you go to your engineer and get him to set the car up i believe he uses your team mates settings after he has mentioned it.
  7. I was lapping a second faster than my teammate in china, and i get the message while driving "Jarno is lapping much faster than you, maybe you should copy his setup", so i go to the garage to check his laptime and he is still a second slower than me, another strange bug. Much like the "Car xx is 5 seconds ahead of you" when infact car XX is directly infront or even behind you, and the messages saying to push for the overtake, when a car is a corner ahead of you.
  8. I was also wondering about that. But that would mean that if i come back in the pit, and click engineer he'll change the settings? That would be weird.
    As said, it would be nice if there would be a things next to the wet, intermediate and dry setups that says team mate setup or something.
  9. Lol, yeah bigbazz, i had the same. Jarno put's in some blistering laps. No he doesn't. I'm 11th on the quali grid, he's 17th. WTF, i sometimes wonder..
  10. you cant copy your team mates setup they say your team mate is much faster then you maybe you should look at YOUR setup
  11. yeah, it would be untrue to the sport..
    rob smedley telling massa how much faster alonso is ,maybe we could copy his set up.
  12. lol hilarious comment... but we all know what happened in real life; imagine your engineer saying during the race 'Jarno is much quicker, let him pass or you're fired!'
  13. Sometimes I want to walk to the pits and kill my engineer with a torque wrench. Honestly he never, ever shuts up. Even when I'm with the 12th fastest time and Bruno Senna is 23rd, if I make a bad lap (like say with a spin), he will go 'Bruno is much quicker than you at the moment, perhaps we should take a look at his setup, maybe even copy it"

    There's no way to copy his setup, this is just there to irritate you.
    Remember a couple races back Fernando Alonso radio'd in "Ok from now on NO MORE RADIO TRANSMISSIONS"
    If real life engineers are like the ones in game, I totally understand him.
  14. I was wondering if we can get the race engineer to stand in the front of the car when we pit, see how far we can spread him down the pitlane while "accidentally" forgetting to hit the breaks (I think the record would be from the Williams pit to maybe the Red Bull Pit).

    Joking aside though, I do sometimes find the runnning commentary very off putting, and more often then not widely inaccurate, when they say a driver is five seconds behind but you can see from looking at the track map they are do not even appear on the map most of the time.
  15. The commentry does get annoying as its rarely accurate. The fact that the times you see other cars posting not being exactly what the AI cars are doing means that its never right. So far i've only been given the 5 second, and 30 second message, which in most cases isnt even close to the truth.

    The messages telling me to go for it, push for the overtake are very distracting, all i want to know is "time to pit in" to be honest.

    FWIW, i have heard the message "Maybe we should copy jarno's setup" a few times.
  16. Huh? This happens all the time mate. It was said that Prost was useless at setups and would always just take Senna's when they were team mates.

    The fact that it is not in game, even though the engineer mentions it is kinda silly. Although Trulli has yet to beat me so I don't want his! lol
  17. Well, first of all, I think Racing drivers are egos covered in a racing suit and helmet. They're proud things and wouldn't copy a setup just like that.
    Secondly, it's not even the pilots who actually decide on the setup. Most of these tracks have been ran on for years and years. Most teams have incalculable amounts of data on them and have been setting cars up for them for a long time, they know what to do. Then the pilot takes the car out on friday, already with a basic setup for the track and comes back, talks to the engineer about how the car's feeling, look at telemetry together (and telemetry is something that's VERY missing in this game), discuss what has to be changed; what's called 'fine tuning'. It's just silly to go into a race weekend and have to start up from the ground up like your team has never seen this track before.
    It would be a lot more realistic if you arrived at friday practice and your engineer told you "Okay we got the car set up for the dry, take it out and tell us how it feels" then you come back and start fine tuning the details to your driving style.

    And about the engineer talking to you, I just found it frustrating that they recorded like only a dozen things he says to you over and over and over. By the 3rd race you've heard it all. You'd think in a game that eats up like 8 GB of your hard drive they'd have put a little more variety.
  18. ok i was doing career mode the other day and i got an option to look over at your team mate i havent actually gone into this option yet but im guessing that is where you would copy your team mates setup the option that showed up was after the tyres soo keep going to your left and you shold get a team mate option but like i said i havent gone to it yet but i know its there at least on my game any way. im on PC version by the way
  19. Nah that only shows you how many times you out qualified him, out raced him, etc. It's to measure how good you're doing in the season so far.
    It also shows a "time" which I don't know what it means.
  20. yeah theres defo no way of copying your team mates setup but i wouldnt want to copy my team mates he always finishes last useless