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Practice for the 2.4

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Landis, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Ok--so I've only been iRacing for 1 month but I've noticed a couple things especially in the practice servers for the 2.4. Firstly, why are experienced drivers whining in a practice session about how newbies and the Mustangs were ruining their hot laps? Umm, practice isn't for setting hot laps. And I know everyone needs practice doing the multiclass thing even the fast guys as this is a new deal. I've been using these practice sessions to learn how to drive with the Mustangs for the most part.

    Secondly--and I'm sure its due to the open eligibility for the 2.4---but racing people as you come out of the pitlane??? Really?? Another DP driver and I had a nice back and forth going for about 5 laps and as I am setting up a pass into the horseshoe this guy comes flying out of the pits and drills me from behind right off the track and then begins yelling that if I don't know how to drive I should get off the track.......Really?? I seriously hope I encounter better racecraft than this as I move up....sheesh!! At least I had a good chuckle...
  2. That's the thing about iracing Paul, you get all kinds of people on the track. I say don't worry about it and keep putting in your laps.
  3. Nah--not worrying.......too busy driving!!
  4. You got the right attitude.