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Practice 1, 2 & 3 AI Crash every lap?

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by Jonathan Rowland, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. So doing practice at Melbourne in pro season mode and I cant get a clean lap, because every single lap there is an AI car going round slowly causing yellow flags because they have no front wing!

    Sometimes there are going round slowly with no obvious damage, but that's worse as they then suddenly veer off the racing line (to let me past) even though I'm about to pass them off the racing line, therefore swerving into me and causing another crash.

    Also all the debris from all the broken wings stays on the track. So by the end of practice the track is littered with broken car all over the place, and they never seem to despawn.

    And its not just the lower teams that are crashing. Its every team, even Mercedes.

    When I watch the TV feed though from the garage its seems fine. No AI cars going round slow causing problems for anyone else, or indeed crashing themselves. But as soon as I go out, all hell breaks loose!

    Has anyone else encountered any problems like this? I've verified my game cache but that didn't seem to fix it. Only other thing I can think of is to re-install, but with my slowiah connection I'd rather not as it took 3 hours
  2. Update just spent sometime watching the TV feed. Some cars are still lapping incredibly slowly, and braking on and after apex's, they do an out lap and come straight back in, they don't even bother setting a laptime
  3. Hi, how do you watch the AI tv feed? I only get the onboard cams. No tv cams...
  4. When in the garage go to the session info screen (the monitor on top of the car) the one of those screens shows you what is happeneing on track. You can change the person you follow, but also the camera you follow them in, the buttons are listed underneath, not sure what they will be as it'll depend what control method you are using. Those camera's might only be on-board ones though. I watched the AI drive round in the default T-cam view
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  5. Yes those camera's are onboards only. I hope this can be changed....
  6. the ai is fine for meI nobody is slow at legend difficulty :)
  7. This was with legend AI. And by slow I mean crawling round corners at like 20mph and straights at 70mph!!