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Tracks Poznan Circuit v1.01 1.01

rFactor2 Poznan Circuit by Feels3

  1. Stefan Woudenberg submitted a new resource:

    Poznan Circuit (version 1.0) - rFactor2 Poznan Circuit Feels3

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  2. Stefan Woudenberg updated Poznan Circuit with a new update entry:

    Poznan v1.01

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  3. This update does not install ?
    Is there any reason for it still being on here or am i just missing something?
  4. Did you first installed v1.0?
  5. Yeah , of coarse . V1.0 installed and V1.01 in manager and i hit install and i get the install box in the centre but a red error message ??
  6. Try installing from the old mod manager located in rf2 folder/bin32/modmgr.exe.

    Also note that this is a 3 year old thread from the time rF2 was still basically in beta, so it might well be that updates from 2013 are not compatible with today's rF2 build.