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Post your Silverstone M3 GT2 PB's!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by schoenzy, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. So this was suggested from another member. I personally find driving the 458 quite annoying and much prefer ripping around in the M3 GT2, so here's a PB thread dedicated to this car. I think I'm starting to get decent. I'm using an xbox 360 controller with only throttle blip/cut and auto clutch assists. My current PB is 1:05:384. I know where I need to work on so pretty soon I think I'll be in the 1:04's. Consistency is my biggest thing right now as I'm still getting used to the game. Vid up :)

    Where are you guys at with this car and track?

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  2. BMW @ Silverstone.jpg

    Will update again soon ;)
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Still 3 sec off but making progress ;)


    Edit; Updated time
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  5. Stephen Austin

    Stephen Austin
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  6. 1:02.552 - no assists

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  7. 1:01.492 Pro mode.

    Setup: -

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  8. Hmm, nice times...only 1.03.5xx myself but I take another shot at it tonight :cool:
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  9. 1:04:692 :)

    Starting to play around with settings. Gearing needs work to hit some turns in higher gear instead of having to downshift.
  10. 1:01.312

    Been tinkering like mad with the setup too - sooo many things to fiddle with :geek:

    Gearing may well be the most important one of the lot though - getting it right is a must.
  11. Yeah I hadn't done anything with silverstone but I was on mugello and felt i needed a bit more at the end of some gears and playing around changed things drastically. Not only improving time, but just general drivability as I wasn't frantically shiftng back and forth at some corners. Definitely gunna do some work with my silverstone setup. I also found bumping the coast differential up a notch improved braking and smoothed out the transition from no throttle > throttle now that they are closer in value.

    edit: did some gearing changes and boom.

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  12. And so it begins...

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  13. 1:02.424 stock setup with room for improvement.

    edit: no assists
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  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    Need to attack more and be smoother. 1:03.280

    Multicam :-


    Bonnet Cam :-

  15. Nice lap Austin. Could only get a 1:01.276 this time although the best two sector times in that session would have made a lap under 1:01 :rolleyes:
  16. I was running 50 power 50 coast yesterday but changed it to 40/70 today and whilst it does seem to be an improvement, i'm not sure how much of it is simply me adapting to the change and then fooling myself into thinking it is actually better...lol

    It might be worth messing with the brake balance too if you're altering coast angles although as with most things in the world of setups, one change here alters something else there and you're no better off for it :cautious:
  17. I wanna figure out how to adjust the brake pressure. I'm using a controller and after about 15-20% pressure on the trigger it shows full pressure and I lock.

    There's so much to change that I think it will be a while before I have some optimal setups goin. I had an amazing spreadsheet for forza 4 that allowed you to type in values for power/weight ect and it would give you optimal settings for a bunch of the parameters. It helped a lot because for certain things like ride height it's not as simple as just lowering the car. You have to adjust the characteristics of the spring along with it too. I understand it to some degree but definitely not enough.
  18. Eric Bergeron

    Eric Bergeron

    1:03,036, no assist , AC setup for now....:O_o:
  19. How loooOoooOOOooow can I gooooOooOooooOOOoo....

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  20. damn son