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Post your Gran Turismo 5 rating

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Marcel Ascher, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. Rating for GT 5, is it what you expected?
  2. A solid 8.5 out of 10. To put that in perspective I'd give the following scores for other console titles I own based on what I've seen in GT5: Forza 3 - 7 Race PRO - 4, Supercar Challenge 6.5, DIRT2 - 8.
  3. no
    well i had 5 hours on this with my dfgt and boy im not impresed i just cant see where 5 years have gone into this, the graphics are poor most of the time very flat, alot of the cars are ps2 ports cleaned up, dont get me wrong it does look nice in places , (f12010 gfx are better) , but what kills it is the shocking ai its the worst i have seen in a game they just brake so hard aproaching any corner and you bang straight into the back of them they even shove you out of the way to hold there racing line and you end up spining out , the only good thing is the phisics very good for a console game, 6.5 out of 10 for me , back to iracing and rfactor ​
  4. I agree with Paul on some of the cars, they are dissapointing compared to some of the premium cars though they still look good compared to some titles out there. This was one of the reasons I marked it down to an 8.5.
  5. I was going to ask a question (not for inflammatory reasons) and that question was how does this compare to the PC's rFactor GTR2 or iRacing.
    Was thinking of maybe buying a PS3 and GT5 but I 'm not sure whether or not its "for me!"

    Then I read the last line of Paul's post...

    Does anyone else have any opinions as to how GT5 holds up against PC race sims.
  6. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    How are the tyres in GT5?
  7. the game is brilliant, the FFB is perfect especially with RWD cars. :)
  8. I like it. I am just disappointed that there are not more Kart, Rally and Nascar races. I didn't buy the game for those, but I expected MUCH more from those facets of the game.

    Other than that, I like it.
  9. FR and MR cars are fantastic and the premium cars look great, standard cars look outdated as expected, they are just GT4 cars that have been ported over. AI atleast in the early game is slow and agressive, quite annoying to race against but the game is still fun, i like it a lot.
  10. To be honest I was expecting alot more than this, last played GT2 back in the day and after a brief dabble with GT3 came to the conclusion that the series had become a stale and boring single player game as the AI offers no challenge, so recently got myself a PS3 in preperation for GT5 and a return to form for the series.....

    Well I am hoping that once I get up to the race spec premium cars the game will become great, but up until then it will be a joyless slog, AI are still dumb and dont offer any challenge, collision detection is as bad as always with a only one sound affect being used (imagine someone hitting the side of a transit van with you inside to get the idea), damage is almost non existant, same old courses from back in the day, graphics vear from the sublime to the dam right ugly, I hope i can justify my £300 investment in the future, but for a game that uses the power of the PS3 I was expecting a super polished racing experience and it just does not deliver.

    With 5+ years in development and the only thing that is any good is the physics and FFB (DFGT) only just mind, braking is like the car has only got rear brakes fitted once you switch all the driving assists off (which you have to do pretty much before every race), do the developers actually drive a car? Lift throttle oversteer mid corner in mildly tuned Toyota Yaris oh please! The menu sytem is a muddled mess, cant switch the distracting on screen info off either, dash board views no better than FM3 from what I have seen so far, no online car class system so be prepared for 1000+bhp skylines, custom lobbies are a mess, anyone can start the race not just the host, no match making either, to me a game lives or dies with its online features and these guys dont have a clue.

    The only reason that i still have this game is on the hope it will get better as I play it more and the developers add more features to the online side, but as 1st impressions go i will score the game 5/10

    Edit: After extensive weekend play with the race cars in arcade mode where the GT5 physics come into full effect the game gets 7/10, still let down by to many flaws, career mode is still boring as hell, I want the race cars now not have to slog through the incredibly dull GT mode.
  11. Someone posted a great to view the premium vs. standard, and that is to see it as 200 premium cars (that look phenomenal) and then 800 bonus cars :p
  12. Another way to look at it is why have 1000+cars when most of them are basically the same, 15+ MX5's countless skylines etc, just give us 500 premium cars instead. They are not bonus cars if you like to race with the in car view.
  13. Considering how long it takes to create a premium car, I'll take the 200 we have now rather than waiting another year.
  14. Yeah I see your point there, took way too long to make this game they must have done other things rather than just make the cars, would love to know what the decision processes were, having just returned to the series nothing much seems to have changed.
  15. At this time I would say Yes! Overall, it is a great game and I think the reviews are on target.

    I am a bit underwhelmed at this time. My opinion of the game may change as I spend more time with the cars.
  16. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    It's definately up to what I expected. I love the game, however I am slightly disappointed at the AI. I haven't had a chance to race online yet, I just hope it isn't full of rammers.
  17. Finding the driving boring atm tbh. hopefully will improve as the cars get more powerfull.
  18. Its all about the Ferrari 512BB!
  19. For the last few months I have been playing Race 07, Race On and Evo.
    Before that I have been playing gt5prologue for a few months.
    In my opinion the feel of racing with the Simbin games feels way more realistic then with gt5prologue.

    Then my pc died on me last week and it will probably take some time to get it fixed, and I decided to buy GT5.
    Ofcourse I hoped it would be better then gt5prologue and I didn't dare to hope it would come close to the Simbin games.
    And even though I didn't dare to hope for much from GT5, I was still dissapointed.
    It feels a lot like gt5prologue, it might be slightly better but it still doesn't come close to the realistic feeling I get from the Simbin games.

    For example: there aren't any bumps in the road (or I am not feeling them) with GT5, and it feels like riding on a billiard table.
    PS: I race with a G25 steering wheel attached to a playseat.

    But there also is a positive to playing GT5 compared to the Simbin games.
    I have joined 6 races till now on the race department servers with the Simbin games, my worst qualify was 10th place and my best qualify was 2nd place.
    And all races (12 total) I haven't been able to race 1 race without being ran of the track. Most of the times this already happened in the first 3 corners of the first lap. Somehow a lot of people who race on the race department servers don't know when to brake.

    With gt5prologue however, I have been racing a lot of online games and I experienced much cleaner racing.
    The same players who I raced in gt5prologue are now racing GT5, so I think I will be playing GT5 for a while (at least as long as my pc is in repairs). With these guys I always had some great battles, and it wasn't a problem to take a corner side by side, without running eachother of the track.
  20. GT 5 is good. Very good. But not perfect. Ist not the ultimatie driving simulator monster I expected. I am a big Forza Motorsport 3 fan. And I thought GT 5 would beat FM3 in every categorie. But Forza 3 is still my number one.

    Why it is not possible to drive every car in Arcade mode from the beginning ?
    Why it is not possible to drive every track?
    Why do I have such a bad speed feeling?
    If you drive 200 kmh it feels like 50 kmh (outside cam)

    The driving physics in Forza 3 are still the best in my opinion on consoles…
    I think will have a lot of fun with GT5 , for example in time trials against my broter kevin 

    GT5 = 8,5
    Forza 3= 9,5

    I will play GT 5 until Forza 4 comes out…