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Post Patch 1.01 Issues

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Deeley, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. This is on the PC, dunno about console versions.

    1: Autosave doesn't work anymore.
    2: Timings in the race. Only gives overall race time, not lap time on the split timings. Although it does give the gaps between you and the other cars.
    3: Audio settings. Defaults back to rapture, so if you changed it to software for the controller input lag, you need to change it back again.

    Any others?
  2. Having dramas getting my 3 screens to work now. The resolution is there in the settings but only getting 1 screen
  3. Actually, scrap #1 cos the saving feature doesn't seem to work at all....
  4. I can't see any water on tracks anymore when it rains after installing the patch.
  5. Major error there then

    I am looking forward to try it out later
  6. have you tried to run the game as administrator? Can't imagine that CM didn't saw this huge bug. If you're not able to save anymore their MUST be a following patch in the next hours.
  7. The save problem might be a GFWL issue. On 64-bit XP you can't save unless you use an old version of Live and with an offline profile.
  8. about the save bug, u can save when u diasble auto but i just signed a new contract and than its bugged can't save any longer in both ways :S
  9. No sense of Grip for me . Braking, Turning physics seem knackered now, Forcefeed back no longer there unless u hit the kerbs, (what i mean is used to get some effect whilst on any part of the track nothing now though) All in all think this is worse game now then before patch was released GO CM's
  10. arhhhhhhhhhhh................ever since i applied the patch my game keeps crashing.......saying "f1.2010.exe has encountered a problem" I am so damn unhappy right now!
  11. Can't put postprocess on High, either goes back to medium or I have to put it on ultra.

    Seemed to have lost all rubbering in of the track. Before it used to show when I did races at less than 100% distance, now it won't even show then.
  12. Cant view replays after each session
  13. same here m8 , but when i start a race 3 screens come on and the side screens are still streched im gutted back to iracing for me the side screens are perfect
  14. i cant play on line, i got the message" NETWORK ERROR"
  15. bit strange really loads of people having problems yet alot of people are fine :s
  16. applied the patch (PC) ... also noticed on wet race, that the puddles seem to dissapear when the lights go out ..

    Framerate was a pleasant surprise though.
  17. My first problem was the fps, but with the patch the frames are more bad as before.:(
  18. The game doesn't save anymore. Nice patch.. Hope for a fix soon
    I'm on PC
  19. thats just happend to me and it feels like i have a 10% deadzone on the wheel . eyefinity is rubish aswell ,codemasters are you shure
  20. i've driven my first quali and i've used some flashback.. after my lap i was really impressed by my time (see the picture^^).. is it caused of some mods (e.g. flashback mod..) i use or is it a new (or old) bug??