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Possible to remove autobrake when going off track via mod?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Wempula, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I can see CM had to add it because of MP but it doesn't make any sense in Singleplayer...
  2. Why you go off the track and as far as I know they aint racing 200mph over grass or gravel.
    It's just being realistic. The whole point of this is to stop those who cut corners or use a wider line to get more speed on the exit of one.
  3. Yeah that would be a great help indeed, the autobrake seems sooo unrealistic and artificial to me - I just started playing F1 2011 again because of it...
  4. Auto-brake in run-off areas is also unrealistic.
    Sure, you are not allowed to cut, but that's not the point.
    Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible, because as far as I know,
    there is no mod for the previous titles, so probably no one managed to get rid of it
    (this artificial auto-brake is part of the series from the beginning on).
    By the way, there is no auto-brake in iRacing, rFactor, etc.
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  5. The auto-braking whilst off track was introduced in F1 2012, it wasn't in the first two games. Just to make it clear :)
  6. Those who complain should start iRacing, rFactor if its so much better, just tired of those comparisons.
  7. I don't compare it. It seems, you want to get me completely wrong on that point.
    Also I don't complain. I just state my opinion. And that's what everyone is allowed to. ;)

    Maybe we're not talking about the same thing, this isn't something completely new.

    In the core, all Codemasters F1 games are artificial and that's a pity.
    But that's the way Codemasters make racing games, obviously.
    Get used to it, make the best of it, or keep playing other titles.
    But never forget and always respect the freedom of opinion.

    Just to make it clear: It's not. Automatic braking is not realistic
    (we are not only talking about the effect beeing stuck in gravel).

    There are rules for cutting: All four tires off track + advantage (time/speed) = penalty.

    So, can we come back to topic, please?
    We don't want to argue about it.
    If you have a solution, post it.:)
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  8. I had a deep look into the Database.bin but couldn't find anything. The only part where off-track routines are handeled is the penalty section..........