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Possible to add F-Retro Cosworth sounds to F-Classic?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by thestaggy, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. For immersion purposes, I was wondering if it would be possible to get the non-turbo F-Classic cars to run with the Cosworth engine sounds the Retro cars use?

    I'm quite enjoying The F-Classic 88 mod and the intense midfield battles with the non-turbo cars but that turbo sound just doesn't fit. ;) I want to keep the turbo cars sounding like turbo cars, just curious as to whether I could make the non-turbo cars sound different.
  2. There are non turbo and turbo cars? I'm confused!
  3. F-Classic is modeled on the turbo-era (mid-late 80s) but not all cars used turbos during this time. In real life there were turbo and non-turbo cars on the grid at this time. In-game all of the F-Classic cars have the sounds and charateristics of a turbo engine though. I am using a mod from 1988 season and I just wanted to see if it was possible to make the non-turbo cars (in the mod) sound different
  4. The 75 mod from Chiefwiggum has some decent ford dfv sounds. That's out on rf. You could use those....obv ONLY for personal use.
  5. Dann Murillo

    Dann Murillo
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    This would be pretty simple to do. In RF1/SCE we could simply copy the .sfx file from 1 series to another however the .sfx files appear to now be embedded in the AMS.exe, along with the .hdv files. :(

    Edit: That got me to thinking. I wonder if we can copy the "F_Retro.sfx" file from SCE and put it in GameData\Vehicles\F_Classic, renamed to "F_Classic.sfx".

    Edit: I tried that and it does not work. The car sounds the same.
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  6. I know I keep mentioning that 75 rf mod, but t would be a simple case of bringing over the .wav files into gamedata/sounds, then finding the mods .sfx files then using them. You have both naturally aspirated Ferrari and Ford sounds, plus the mod itself (cockpit models etc) is of a very high standard. Just a shame they have no desire to port it over to ams. It would be a great addition, it works in tandem with the RFE plugin so will load onto track but then flash between slicks and wets then ctd when you leave the test/raceday session. Ah well! Sounds still will work though.