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Possible Qualifying Rule Changes

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Alexandre Rideaux, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. http://www.racedepartment.com/fia-plan-to-alter-2014-f1-qualifying-rules/

    So it looks like the FIA are planning on changing the rules for qualifying so all drivers have to participate in Q3 who make it. I get they want to make the whole weekend more interesting to increase viewership, but is it really necessary? It's not like many drivers do this already, and it seems like a punishment to the mid-field teams that make it more than a competition driver.

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  2. I like it.

    They must make the rule that anyone who qualified for Q3 not within 107% of the pole position time at the end of Q3, must start from the back of the grid.

    But if they are really open to it - which they won't be - they can allow Q3 drivers to start the race on totally new tires as well. I don't get why you must be punished for being better than those going out in Q2. It has always had an uneven feel about it.
  3. There is a really easy solution for getting guys out on track in Q3....allocate a new set of tire for everybody at race start.
    If the FIA is truly interested in making the sport more appealing to existing and potentially new audiences, they need to stop messing with the rules. Double points, carry-over penalties, bias stewards and all the other silly ideas don't help..
  4. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I don't see the point. The teams will just find another way to circumvent the rules.
  5. "Another plan would allow tyres just for qualifying, which are not used in the race. Pirelli has said that they are happy to provide qualifying tyres if this approach is chosen."

    In another words, Pirelli is happy to sell 40 more tires on saturday.. They are not giving them for free.. Those extra tires are not a part of the contract they have for this year.
  6. Give extra tyres for qualifying, allow the drivers to use new tyres for the race.

    Let them shred those tyres to pieces trying to get a better lap. I'd bet most drivers were saving tyres even in qualifying these last few seasons.
  7. Hmm, give all team one extra set of tyres that they can use when ever they like before the race. Backmarkers setting their times on extra set to get to Q2, the midfielders trying to get to Q1.. It might work.

    There's a fine line between sport: pole position matters and entertainment: random grid. The latter produces super thrilling races every weekend, basically destroying the sport, competition and the championship... But some kind of random is also needed..

    The times when they had to start with the Q fuel was provided excellent racing without too much randomization. It was just that Q was pretty pointless then. But i liked it more, you could see them going fastest in Q2.. It was just the legend of pole position that wasn't there, but i've never really been a qualy, one-hot-lap guy (at least in Vettel years, that crap was boring, RBR just put max power and took it, then the same boost for 3 laps in the start and coasted to a win. Wonder how risky that era actually was..)..

    Except when you see Hamilton or late Senna go for it, trashing the car beyond it's capabilities, that is just supercoolawesomeunicorn level stuff.. Otherwise qualy is pretty boring stuff, nice pre-show, nothing else.

    Or return to 1 hour qualy, who gets the best time during that time takes the pole and forget all the Q1-Q2-Q3-tire-rules-fuel-rules crap.. Then there's no ifs and buts, the best man wins.
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  8. Bernie shud put his short hands in his long pockets and pay for the set of extra tyres. It is his mandate to pirehli that afterall has created this mad scenario
  9. I personally think that its irrelevant, if a driver or team strategically chooses to sit Q3 out to start in 10th Position giving him the Option of tyre to use and giving him a brand new un scrubbed set then in contrast to the comments set this could actually give us some good racing. lets be fair this is a race and all the drivers and teams care about is finishing as high as possible gaining valuable points and therefor gaining more cash at the end of the season. that's considering the rules about tyres. I think if you want to encourage drivers to go out in Q3, Bernie should consider actually offering a driver an incentive like points for Qualifying in Q3 or a set of tyres Back if you qualify above a certain position like 5th , 6th etc.etc. you could offer 3 for pole 2 for 2nd and one for third but to make this more interesting if you qualify on pole then win the race you only leave that weekend with 25 points because the qualifying points are taken from the equal finishing position from the race this would mean that you could sacrifice a set up to steal points from the race during qualifying. you could qualify on pole finish 12th and still rob the winner of 3 points. now that would open a can of worms late season.
  10. They should award race equivalent points for qualifying, so 25 points for qualifying pole.

    Then flip the grid for the race, with fastest time starting at the back, force them to overtake.

    People trying to set fastest laps in qualifying for points, and also then forcing some racing and overtaking.

    Fresh tyres for both qualifying and the race.
  11. That is stupid "the fastest car at the back" There would be a major accident of the line as the slower cars bottleneck the faster ones. Like lapping back markers but a whole field of them.
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  12. It would be interesting, they're racing drivers, that complain when they have to race or overtake?

    Reverse just the points positions then, 10th starts 1st, 1st starts 10th.
  13. yeah then the fastest would deliberately set a slower time to get to the front then totally kill qualifying, don't be silly, the teams will always try to manipulate the rules to gain an advantage, that's a result of the series being so high profile and cash rich. good job Bernie runs the show hey. they should be set free and the best and fastest win.
  14. If the same points are awarded for qualifying in addition to the race, then a team that intentionally qualifies slow to get ahead, will also be giving away 25 points too.