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Positive SimRacing moves to iRacing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Javier Alvarez, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    After two (and a half!) fantastic seasons, we would like to say "thank you" to our colleagues, and of course to our rivals on track in Formula SimRacing. Thanks and good luck, guys!

    With this decision, Positive SimRacing will leave Formula SimRacing after the last race of this season, to focus on a project oriented towards the iRacing World Championship Series.

    After three seasons of simultaneous participations in international championships, with focus in Formula Simracing, Positive SimRacing will concentrate its future in iRacing. The objective for the next year is to build a group of drivers moving towards the iRacing pro series.

    The first step of the new project has been the addition of former rfactor drivers to the PSR iRacing division, such as Fernando Guerrero or Jorge Alonso. This has been done on the basis of a group of drivers who are in the iRacing division of Positive SimRacing since 2012.

    The team is also keen to add new top world simracers to the project. Please, visit our web page www.positive-simracing.com to know more about us.

    Read the statements
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  2. Who is next? Or rather, who is gonna stay here? Don't get me wrong, the end of FSR is very sad after all these years but I still think it is better to end it now than to have some ridiculously poor season without any good drivers and teams with some wilde or squire in charge.
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  3. I partially agree with you. I think really rf2 is better than iRacing in simulation terms, the overall level of the league is also very good and I guess like iRacing. So what's wrong? The organization. FSR should sell more, should show more, and especially should try to stop being a "family" league to be more like a business. I understand the reluctance of director&cia to this can get out of hand, but really is the only way to improve the poor ratio of 100 viewers (majority drivers)...
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  4. team owners are the problem, even b4 FSR itself.. I dont see anything from any team.. only some videos of some lonely drivers really.. where are you team owners? Thats why I got Twister myself now, will invest in it, and will try make my colleagues do the same for their teams. FSR is nothing without the teams, is all about the club, and who is in the club? yes, you guessed right.
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  5. iRacing is not doing any better, from the last time I checked they have around twice more live viewers than FSR in their WDC broadcast, which is pathetic considering they have a big community of dedicated racers, spectators only come from inside there as well. If you want many views on YT these days, sadly you must upload something like Codemasters F1 2013 footage or this.
  6. It's hard to sell more when you get people for certain roles and they fail on their assignments, for example Press Directors.
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  7. As I said, it must be an effort that comes from the team owners, if we want to improve it. iRacing yes John, I knew about the last race only because I follow the redline team (again, a team)
  8. Ondrej, you are a guy that made a team, win so much, you can definitely manage things. Smart, can write, or, should I say, better, sell things. Why don't you run for president?
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  9. Yep. Jeroen does more promotion than 13 WC teams together, which does get Pro viewcounts up there right with WC.

  10. Anyway, this thread went off-topic. Discussions about FSR future are carried on internally in club forums at moment. Oh and good luck to Positive SimRacing as well to future ambitions.
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