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Positive SimRacing Awards

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Javier Alvarez, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

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  2. Wow, very nice! :thumbsup:
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  3. This person will take the trophy im positive!


    She is spanish and a contender for your awesome looking furnature
  4. Would be nice to have a live broadcast of this event! :)
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  5. like this one Davido
  6. Very nice. I wish I could have one... :D
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  7. screw you :p:p:p
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  8. Very Good GL to those who will be looking forward to a award

    P.S. Those who disliked m comment, i only said Good Luck not i wish i can have one so if i were you guys who disliked this i would remove the dislikes
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  9. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Thank you :laugh:. We will start with a tremendous Spanish "cocido" in www.fincalosvaldespinos.es and then we will try to fit within the new Polo Shirts of PSR... then we will have a walk by the historic Toledo, some tapas, ..., and on Sunday we will be in the Karting of Recas, where the Spanish Karting Championship has taken place recently (we will see our times ;)...kartingcorrecaminos.es. We will finish with the Korean F1 Grand Prix. I promisse some images if we survive to the "cocido".

    Next "meeting point" will be the World Series by Renault event in Barcelona 19th-20th of this month. If somebody is planning to be there, please, send me a P.M.
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  10. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    It was a very nice weekend meeting old friends from different leagues. However, it was impossible to record a serious presentation of the PSR Awards. I am sorry, but after six bloopers at the entrance of the Hesperia Hotel in Toledo we gave up and went to the Recas Karting looking for some action.

    Some images are posted in our web (http://www.positive-simracing.com) and if I get permission from the attendants, I promise a funny video with the bloopers.
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  11. Javier i think the PostracecheckSpammingReports award should go to yourself for having so much balls to report something which is basicly nothing in q1 while u guys are not reported for anything u did towards me. 7 out of 10 reports are from psr. no more track respect for u
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  12. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    Maximum respect for you and for your opinions from me and I hope also from all the team, Chris.

    Be sure we never act against a driver or a team. We report actions. If we are wrong, the Race Director or the CoA will take the decision. But please, don't think we have a plan to damage somebody nor in the track neither in the forum.

    I think we are the only team that lost a driver in WC due to the lost of his license. However, we never thought it was a consequence of a plan. It was mainly by our mistakes and lack of experience, and we apologized to Dian because we we ruined his race at Canada. We deserve the penalty although it was not our intention to damage him (just an example).

    For me, PSR and FSR are as serious as a real enterprise, as in fact we are investing our own money and time, as many of team owners and drivers do. Hence, I would never act in a non professional way in a place where I want to reach the maximum. Protests in PSR should be submitted to the Team Principal, who reviews them. Sometimes the Team Principal also finds some actions which should be protested. We try to consolidate this procedure within the team, as we want to be extremely serious with this.

    As I said in other occasions, apologies if our protest caused offence to you, as it was not our intention.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2013
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  13. Just to add on to Javier's point, if we have made a mistake and caused an incident with you on track, we would expect you (your team) to report it. We are following the rules and the race officials agree that the incidents against our team were deserving of a penalty. Also, it is extremely rude to suggest that Javier alone is the one whom wants to protest an incident. In PSR we have a system in which the driver passes a claim to be reviewed onto the team manager, he then reviews the incident makes a decision and based on that decision, shows the team boss (Javier) whom then approves the our review to reviewed by the race director. Do not be angry at our team when we are following all of the rules of FSR.
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  14. back in nam......
  15. Im very happy you guys can talk like u try to fix a loan in a bank without a job but the only thing u guys are pointing out that FSR would be better if everyone reported everytone for any move which deserves a penalty. U can be smart to proof others of your point OR u could be WISE to see someone else his point and i could understand that Cabo was so sorry and it was not his intention. U on the other hand could not see that it was utterly dangerous for 4 cars to be almost standing still in the last corner and that one simply doesnt care about 4 cars waiting for their turn with 30 degrees on tires. If you want to be reported for every tiny bit of mistakes and crossing the rules fine! Seriously consuela would just say Nooooo noooo senor javier afeura!!!!!!!!
  16. obviously someone is ddossing the wrong guy here.
  17. The subject is "PSR Awards".
    If you have something to contribute as positive ideas they will be welcome.

    If you only want to troll us, sorry but we aren't going to set a whiny award or trolling one.

    Unless you improve your on/off track behaviour, we can't think about you as a potential Positive driver and you can't be rewarded.
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  18. ok here is a possitive contribution: stop sending 20 reports every race!
  19. you know what Chris, you used to have my respect. When you showed initiative in getting people together in real life and having a great day with them. I believe that this was to get tensions out of the air which was in FSR at the time. But now you come to this "Award" section of the forum where some of our teams drivers are being rewarded and state that our team is a piece of rubbish and can't be a competitive team without filing reports. Well look, in a professional league such as FSR, there are rules and regulations regarding the do's and don't on track. These rules have remained relatively the same all throughout FSR's history. I can understand your point of view, but here is where I fail to understand your logic. When stewards or RD in our case impose a penalty upon a driver, it is to help prevent them from doing the same thing again, to get them to improve and learn from their mistakes. So by reporting the incidents, which by the way, is not a crime, we are only helping improve and better the professionalism in the League. There is no two ways about it. Say I did something wrong (submitted a file incorrectly or touched somebody on track causing them to go off) you would expect a penalty to be imposed yes? and if the stewards agree that yes there should be a penalty imposed, then there really isn't too much to say, besides, oh it was lag, that happened to me this year with Carlos, I understand that it was lag, but that is my problem and I accepted the penalty because of that. You here though

    Adrian is giving gap like other drivers but Chris decides to overtakes some cars and hits Adrian before he starts his timed lap.

    Hit Adrian and cost him time to do his runs, therefore how should this not end up in a penalty?

    I have tried to write in as calm of a tone as I can when my team which I have worked hard helping in its development is being "threatened" by someone whom wants to disregard the rules.

    A penalty is not only imposed to help them understand, but to teach them a lesson as punishment, obviously from what you are saying about us, you need a few more of them.

    thanks for the nice PM as well. You are a very serious racer with a lot of potential, but stop with this non-sense posting of bull crap. We are our own team, you don't like us, we care, but ultimately it won't effect us, and now as a boy, you will not back down in an argument so please PM me or the staff of PSR if you want any more explanation. Don't post these things in a section of the forum where the teams drivers are being rewarded. Open a new post, something just not here.

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  20. Wackson Jendt said: A penalty is not only imposed to help them understand, but to teach them a lesson as punishment

    communication is the key to succes thats why i did not report cabo because i obiously knew that he know what he did was stupid and wrong instead i talked with him and we sorted out our "differences" and that is when people learn, not by beating them up with a stick.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2013