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Tracks Portland (2 seasons, 2 layouts) 1.06

Vanport for Automobilista

  1. Patrick Giranthon submitted a new resource:

    Vanport (2 seasons, 2 layouts) - Vanport for Automobilista

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  2. Woohoo!

    Cannot wait to relive my old ICR2 days. I went to this race in 97' - had a fantastic day of it.

    Huge thanks for this.
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  3. PieterN


    Thanks Patrick, Gringo and others involved !
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  4. Will do an update asap, to match real track marking (and tthe PIR logo to please Mr Trumpet)
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. fortyfivekev


    Thanks Patrick and team.

    Also a big fan of ICR2. Started it up recently and boy does it look bad now but it was great at the time.

    Went to this race in 2000 and took this at the first corner. Looks like a typical simrace to me :)

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  7. Patrick Giranthon updated Vanport (2 seasons, 2 layouts) with a new update entry:

    Pit marking

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  8. Lol, I forgot to pack the new files in the MAS. But, hey, no worry, it will like like a charm like this ;)
    Will update one day if something else is needed ;)
  9. Looking at those pics, I don't see any shadows being cast from anything.

    Are they some kind of dev pics?
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  10. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber

    OMG!!! I just saw the new Cart extreme mod....and now this!!?? I live 1 mile from the track and have been racing MX there for about 30yrs! I now know how I'll burn most of my Sunday!

    The best cart mod ever...on top of my home track.....Good lord I'm in heaven!

    Thank you so much Patrick! You are the man!
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  11. great work, thanks a lot.
  12. 3GRacing


    Luv the marbles, very nice work- thank you!
  13. Bug with the chicane summer version (possibly both chicane versions). Staying inside of the chicane without even touching the rumble strips gives you a cut track.
  14. Gringo


    I will have a look, no doubt the cut track is not set correctly here as I needed to hack the corridors at the chicane to (try anyhow) get the AI thru the corner.
  15. Yes it's happening, we had this track in our league and had to change to the no chicane version because the penalty in T1 is insane.
    Also for some reason this track is giving me 100% disk use what makes the game freeze someitmes, never seen this before.
  16. Patrick Giranthon updated Portland (2 seasons, 2 layouts) with a new update entry:

    This mantanance update fixes cut track and improves AI starts on the chicane version

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  17. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    Thanks for the update! One of my favorite tracks! Wish this would also be available in Assetto Corsa.
    One thing I noticed when I tried out your new version: the AI seems pretty slow in turns 4, 4a and 5 (the three right handers after the chicane). Check map here.

    I don’t know if it’s car related, I just tried it with the Formula Classic @ 105% strenght.

    Beside from that great track as always, top notch quality. :)
  18. Gringo


    You're just too good for them. What lap times do you set in the FC?


    Keep in mind last changelog for AMS says something about reduced aggression for AI.

    Maybe you need to turn the AI strength up a bit to match you skill now.

    For myself I can beat the AI at 105 in certain cars... other cars they put me in my place at the back of the pack, as they should.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  19. Fabian Biehne

    Fabian Biehne

    I’m doing low .59 in Portland, but I’d call myself an average simracer speedwise.
    Now I had the agression at medium level, perhaps I’ll rise it next time.

    You're right by mentioning the AI speed with certain cars. In the CART mod 100% is enough for me, as far as i remember.