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WIP Port Wakefield, South Australia

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Lee Knight, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Port Wakefield for rF(rf2 & SimBin tittles to follow)

    A while back I figured I'd start a 'smaller' track as apposed to the monstrous ones Ive been playing with for a while now, just to try & get something out there that's made by me.
    I started on Complex String & after getting most of the terrain built decided that although 11km's is a fraction of some of my others started scouting about for something better...
    Right about that time Old Bike Australia featured in it's Tracks in Time series Port Wakefield SA.
    Possibly the pinnacle of Port Wakefield circuits history would be hosting the 1955Gran Prix (for cars) in which (Sir) Jack Brabham won his first Australian GP.
    Since last being used in 1961 (from memory) it has decayed to the point where the only things visible in GE is the scared earth.
    Thankfully (for me) the area is a rather desolate & dry place & so far no-one in 50years have run a plow or ripper through it all....
    The photo's below are from over the last few weeks building...
    Other words in "quotation marks" are lifted from the READ ME...













    "About this Track.
    Shaddows on some trackside Hay Bails not right, the SObject there needs re-working.
    2 large trees in the eastern Tree Clump are still 'popping' into view & I don't
    know why (Ive already changed their LODS) so they will be changed out shortly.

    Only some trackside objects have shadows as it's a flat & desolate place with
    nothing but grass for any shadows...
    What CAN be seen under or around distant objects are from the GE image I used....
    Ive left cast and receive shadows off on the grass as it didn't look right & REALLY
    hurst fps.
    Dark 'blotches' around the track are shadows caused by 'rafts' of grass & salt bush
    (Im still to find something decent that can be used for 'Salt Bush')
    Im still to add the MORE grass & then play with it after I replace the GE image with
    a larger/less repetitive...
    Im also leaving until then a couple of 3D objects (one or 2 that are animated),
    a skybox with no false horizon & more suitable skies & possibly WSC's animated
    flag men.

    As far as I know there was little advertising/sponsorship around the track, there
    were Grandstands, but nowhere as elaborate as the ones Ive knocked up with Wall Toll...
    The pits used is the motorcycle pits, the cars had their own located approximately
    where the Main Strait Grandstand is...
    Im still trying to find out more about what other buildings/facilities were there
    although things were rather rudimentary at best.
    The track was always rough & at times much rougher than what it is here...
    Ive tried more to capture the spirit of the track rather than make it
    definitive of any one point in it's life.
    There was never any guard rails or hay bails along the strait as I have them,
    nor the sand traps...
    Ive done this to keep racing in a simulated environment harder to cheat & more
    competitive as well as allowing the crowds to be moved closer to the action &
    tightening up trackside area a bit...
    At best there was originally some furrows ploughed on the outside of the
    hairpin as best as I can tell...
    The real track was 22 feet(6.7meters) in width, Ive stretched it out to 7 or 7.5meters
    22.9/24.6feet)including the merging edge.

    '34Morgans (still to come), Super7's & Lotus 23B's are a blast around here,
    Similar cars should be too...."

    You can download a short article about the track from here; http://www.mediafire.com/?8m4lem8l49axm0n

    Next projects of my own on the list to finish are (in order of anticipated release)...
    Complex String (with proper full length + 2shorter 'club' tracks & road surface as close to original GT3 as I can)
    Hartely Vale (5.9km)
    Peel (33.7km)
    [​IMG][/IMG]And one day, Bungonia (84km)
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  2. looking good Lee :D
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  3. OK, I know it's been a while but I had been waiting until the right time to add a few bits for the background from someone else's track & got busy on other projects I have here...
    Just the other night I found a more detailed line drawing of the pits & amenities that surrounded Port Wakefield which is causing me a bit of a conundrum of how to go about it....
    For example, do I just 're-paint' the terrain for the new pits or should I splice in a short piece of track....
    Then there's what to do with the large void caused by the current pits being removed...
    In the meantime, have a drive of the current version (I'd call it a v0.65 I reckon) & let me know what you think please folks...
    While Im at it, here's a couple of more pic's....



  4. Surgery started on this track not long after previous post...
    Should have something different in a day or 3 so any feedback would be nice please folks...

    [Edit] Run-off zones at hairpin (Tyresold Corner) & 2nd last corner at end of long straight (Dunlop Corner) now done, fencing mostly re-aligned & pit shed built.
    Tomorrow/later today new pit road (maybe), paint over old pits & plant some concrete strips at Turn2 & Turn4 (Kailin Curve) & vertically half buried Tyres inside turn2's concrete strip
  5. Looks great! Will try it soon.
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  6. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Pretty cool track there Lee:thumbsup: You can get going pretty quick but because it's narrow things can get pretty hairy very easily.:D

    I'm not the greatest track tester but i did notice this with the bushes

    Bushes are square and stripy? i've encountered this once before on someone else's track as well. Also the AI cars when coming out of the last turn too wide they drive through the hay bales on the left side of the track as they approach the start/finish line. That's about all i can notice but other than that i like this track.

    I'm looking forward to the finished version. Nice work.
  7. Thanks Hiroshi,
    I did have the stripy bushes turn up once myself at this venue but Im pretty sure it was a graphics setting after turning it down for an FPS heavy track I'd been racing earlier...
    In real life most of the grass is actually salt bush which usually, for that area, doesn't grow much taller than knee height & is often not much taller than your shins...
    My plan is to grab groups of the grass & pull them down slightly so that it's all different heights but I'll be doing this after Ive got everything else finalized.

    As for the AI, that will soon be reworked too as thats where the correct pits for cars should be on the outside...
    The pit entry will actually be or almost be virtually as soon as that corner becomes a straight again on the outside so the AI might actually have some room to to stick a wheel off track...
    Im still trying to find photo's of the pit/track divider, if there was one.
    Hopefully that will be done by tonight or tomorrow night & I might even be able to make a v0.75/0.8 release by the end of the weekend...;)

    I forgot to mention in the edit of my previous post that the hairpin (Tyresold Corner) has had it's alignment changed slightly too moving it northwards by about 3/4 of the tracks width & straightened the entry & exits slightly in keeping with the maps...
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  8. Looking Great so far!
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  9. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    Great effort!! did a few laps. :)

    But i have not that much time to test other tracks. That much busy with building objects.
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  10. Thanks for the input & no problem Erwin, Ive seen most of the pic's you've posted & they look fantastic!
    To be honest with you, Im itching to drive that Assen TT coarse more than most of my own tracks... :D;)

    Just a thought, but a 500cc/1950's Formular3 mod would be cool for these older, narrower tracks...:thumbsup:
  11. Double D'OH!
    D'oh1; Ive managed to break the photo links at some stage & Im not sure if I can be bothered sorting them...
    D'oh2; Ive forgotten to update latest WIP of this track for a while.....
    Here's the latest, it's getting a lot closer now but still needs some objects added to the edges to fill out the view...
    Still not happy with skies, but new pit is in & shadows from track-side objects are a LOT better...
    Oh, & track has had a re-cambering on turn 2 making it a lot faster & the run-off at the two major sand traps are now more historically correct....
    Pretty much back to fleshing out with decorating :thumbsup:
    And adding MORE grass, always more grass.....:sick:
    Please delete any previous versions

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/2f5mercktizslhd/PortWakefieldSouthAus 26-11-13b.rar
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
  12. ebrich

    Premium Member

    It really is as flat as that (G earth) with nothing but knee high grass. Would be good to get a sky that gives the heat and light.

    I've got an old beat up combie van hot dog seller, if your interested. -

    Sort of track that's going to be good in GTL.

    Looking forward to the final version.
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  13. Cheers for that Ebrich!
    It's little bits like that that will bring this place to life, thank you :)
    Yes, it really IS that flat there, which is why I'm still not happy with the sky....
    It's only a couple of miles from the South Australian coast too & it's either bright sunny skies as you said or low thick clouds hanging like a blanket...
    Ive got a bunch of tents still to add but Im waiting on a bunch of period cars to make it into an Xpack shortly to0 help flesh out behind the crowds & around the pits/camp areas before I go adding much else... ;)
    This track will be seeing an eventual release in the SimBin tittles as well as rF2.