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Port forwarding

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darryl Webb, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. I have tried every p\fwrding wizard known to man, i have installed every application called, simple ,easy, quick...install. Yet still none do the job, i considered upgrade to win 7, then laughed because within the win 7 forums theres as many issues with it. Surely by now it should be a 1 click host game ...and on. There has to be a way to do this without my brain frying.
  2. Are you using a router ?
  3. Hi Chris, yes i am using a router i have even tried other routers just to see if if adding my protocols was any easier. i understand all the tech i think, I.P. stuff T.C.P....U.D.P.... Even with the wizards i just cant insert them, i am a carpenter by day and have so limited computer skills, what i need is an online service that can do it for you, i have trawled around the net, but google offers little help, don't suppose you no of a link to send me to.thanks
  4. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    If you are dealing with a router, trust me you don't want any online service messing around with the configuration of your router. You would end up with so much spam and possible virus's that it wouldn't even be funny. In order to get port forwarding to work in your router you have to go to the IP address that is setup in the router. If you are not familiar with this, you can find the info by doing a search for your router model ip address and usually find the default one. Once in that address you will have to log in and make the changes to port forwarding. This is easy on some, and not so easy on other routers. Unfortunately, unless you have a high end router with remote access programming, you can't do much without logging into it and doing it manually for security reasons.
  5. Thanks for advice Jim, i do understand the I.P numbers and have no prob with that, my real issue is putting the tcp- udp in plaice., and that they have a range. Now do you need both, i have relevant numbers....booklet states T.C.P 48942-48957....U.D.P...48958-48973, and that's there range. When i try to insert in its relevant numbers it only allows a 5 digit number not the whole range, when i look at a typical screenshot of it all set it has all the relevant values in it ip tcp blah blah, my router allows 5 digits for tcp..udp and i cant insert it how it is written in booklet, I'm sure I'm missing a really simple point here, router make is a NETGEAR 150 WIRELESS..
  6. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    OK, for your router, you have to go to select services in the router config ip, add service, and in the next window that pops up, you name it, probably race or what ever, choose TCP or UDP or if it is for both then choose TCP/UDP. Below that you have a start and ending enter first number of the range in the start and last number of the range in the end box then click apply.

    So it would look like :


    You will have to add more than 1 service as you have more than one range for each type of TCP and UDP.
  7. thanks again Jim i have managed to get the tcp open, but i applied the same rules to the udp which isnt, i named them separately because it wouldn't allow me to use same name on tcp and udp, there both there when router does its thing, but inside tester udp fails is this because they need to be of the same name. 50 % progress so must be near, so many people on here have such good will, really cool.
  8. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    As long as each of the services have a separate name, you can set how ever many you want. I would think you would want to be sure that none of them have any overlap on the ports or there might be issues. But make sure you set a service then click add to set another, don't just modify the one you have with a different name as it might not work correctly.

    From what I have read, you need one that is setup for TCP/UDP for the range 48942 - 48957 and one for UDP only with a range of 26900 - 26907. Make sure on the first that you don't just choose TCP or just UDP but there should be an option for TCP/UDP.
  9. Managed to get ports open, the easiest of tasks your advice was very clear and done the job, my current ping rate hasnt changed at all though,5001 i have horrible b\b connection max is 1.1 mb and i get a lot of promises off my provider but very little service.So i assume ports are open and its high because of b\b speed. thx again.

    thanks again for help
  10. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Anytime you see a ping of 5000 it is because something isn't setup correctly. Are you using a firewall, either the one that came with windows or any other? Typically you would need to ensure that those ports are forwarded through the software firewall as well if you are using them. You can test this out by temporarily disabling your firewall to see if the ping drops down where it belongs. With your computer accessing the internet through a router you usually don't need a firewall running on your system as well as the routers, so this test won't compromise your security.
  11. I have tried to set the same values in the win firewall i go into exceptions and name it, it asks for the TCP. do you have to add them 1 at a time as it doesn't let you fill in,ie,,48942-48957... if i stack the numbers together does it read it like that, or do you add them all individually up to its range, now i no i can turn win firewall off doesn't really matter i suppose.
  12. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    I wish I could tell you that there was a way to enter a range of ports into a single exception, but I would be lying :( Windows for what ever reason decided that folks don't really need to enter a range, just a single port at a time so they in their infinite wisdom limit the user to just single port entry. It is possible that someone has created an app that will allow you to enter the range and then run a script or something to add all the entries, but I personally would not trust such an app.

    Sorry I was unable to make life easier for you on this part.
  13. Cheers Jim, dont we all just love windows!
  14. I have spent an entire weekend and some trying to achieve p\forwarding, i have opened the router to correct settings the ports i want are established but i still get 5001 pin,.I have d\loaded up\loaded every conceivable bit of tech, i have taken screen shots of all fields and forwarded them to a reputable help site.I came away with the advice, turn your graphics down. Marvelous fantastic but rubbish, i suppose i should think myself lucky they didnt bill me. I run a reasonable pc and i dont think race07 is graphically that hungry, mores to the point if this was the case i would have same problem tring to join. As i have stated before my b\b speed isnt terrific but it copes as a rule, i expect most people have lag trouble from time to time,so where to go from here.Any advice welcome.
  15. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Most tech's that don't play games are going to tell you that it is the games fault as they are at a loss and have to blame something. I have been co-owner and tech for a computer store and my partner was not a gamer, so I can tell you this from experience :)

    I am curious though, where are you seeing the 5001? Is it trying to join your own server, trying to join someone elses server or trying to join RD's servers?
  16. Thanks Jim your so right. When i see ping rate its because i ask an online player to check my host and tell me the ping and if they can join, no luck as yet, i have d\loaded tons of of stuff,and as far as i can Se they all tell me ports are open and user defined. Last time i had anything to do with I.T was 1979 ish when our head of year introduced us to BBC micro, since that dull moment i never paid any attention.. deep deep regrets. I have no trouble joining servers either set ones or others hosts, my own host runs fine with me in it, just others cant join.
  17. As I keep saying I am no expert, so if my input is useless please feel free to correct me, but don't flame! Four things I would do :

    1) Make sure you have someone who is prepared to keep checking your ping that is not on your network (someone on your network will be able to join even if they select internet rather than LAN game - this one sounds obvious but its SOOO frustrating to make changes only to find there is no one around to actually try and join your server.
    2) Again an obvious one but re - read and double check all your port numbers and TCP/UDP settings are correct - I spent ages scratching my head changing settings, rebooting and generally messing about and THOUGHT I had double checked everything only to find that in one of my 'Rules' I had mistakenly selected UDP instead of TCP and despite looking at it about 50 times due to tiredness and a lot of frustration it had not registered...
    3) If you are 100% sure all your rules and settings in both your Hardware (router) and Software (windozw firewall) are correct then do a FULL switch OFF (not a RESTART) of everything - that includes your router and PC - it seems that sometimes individual bits of hardware remember the settings and its not until its all been switched off that suddenly it all falls into place and starts working - don't ask me why, like I said I am no expert - but again personal experience of powering everything down (to go to bed at after 5am having spent hours and hours) solved the problem when it was all switched back on again.
    4) If your firewall software is able to generate a LOG switch it on and look at what it generates when you try to connect, you might just find it throws up some info on blocked packets to port bla bla bla or program blocked that suddenly rings a bell and solves your problem.

    Hope this is of some use - When you DO solve it (because you WILL eventually) please try to post HOW you solved it as there are loads of people out there who have tried to host their own games and have given up in frustration and if your experiences can help just one person to not have to deal with the frustrations that you and I have both had then thats got to be a good thing..
  18. Thanks for response Dave, as you say sometimes we spend to long on something that resolves easier by backing off a bit, i have new internet provider in a couple of days, so you never no. Im no where near as uninformed as i was, and i think understanding it is 80% of the way to making it work.soon as i suss it i will be first to assist the next poor sole who falls into the deep pit of p\f...ing.
  19. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Dave mentioned one thing that would help shed light on this issue. Your anti-virus and windows both should be logging information on attempts to access your system through the router. You should be able to find the logs and see where the people trying to get into your server are being blocked and how windows has blocked them. It is possible that you will have to get the IP address from those you want to join and add exceptions for their IP through your router, firewall and anti-virus programs.

    Not sure about the anti-virus program, but a look into the event viewer at the different areas might help you some.