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Port Forwarding for dedicated server

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Bernd Tuxhorn, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. I did a serch here and in ISI forum but can´t get a reliable info about necessary ports to forwarded for hosting an rfactor2 race.

    There are some saying, 44297, 54297 adn 54397 TCP/UDP are necessary, but putting this ports into my router, the session appears in matchmaker but nobody can join.

    PLEASE make a sticky with the correct information - Thanks a lot
  2. These worked for me:
  3. ok, thank you, Andy
    my server is now running, but I don´t use 443 - It is not necessary.

    wonder, why this information is not provided by ISI :mad:
  4. OK, I will try taking out 443 on mine and see. Dont want more open than neccessary :)
  5. I'm also having a hard time getting the dedicated server to work.

    Andy were did you get 54347 from. The only ports i see in the multiplayer.ini are 44297 and 54297.

    this is where so many people like myself who want to host a dedicated server and don't really know how to, get frustrated. Hopefully someone can help me get this working.

    Ok 1st i'm using a router. So I have logged into the router and opened port 44297 for both udp and tcp. Also opened port 54297 for udp and tcp.

    Ive added rfactor2.exe and rfactor2 dedicated.exe to windows firewall exception list.

    Not sure what else needs to be done. I can provide pics of my router if needed.

    Do I also need to add these ports to the windows firewall exception list too?
  6. I read a post somewhere else (maybe on the ISI forum) stating that the poster ran a tracert on the connection, and it was also using that additional port. (BAsically a port 50 above the one stated in the multiplayer.ini) So if you were to change your ports manually, you would also need to add the extra one if that makes sense...
    That was the missing one that got mine working.

    Hope that helps