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Career Porsche Supercup season 2013 1.1

Porsche Supercup season 2013 series URD (darche) porsche

  1. hulg063 submitted a new resource:

    Porsche Supercup season 2013 - Porsche Supercup season 2013 series

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    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
  2. Hi, please include a picture or two in the mod description.
  3. Good afternoon. "season8" has subfolder "event7". This also begs the question: why not put all the events under the same master career folder as other careers have done? Events in AC are already tiered by default so no need for all the extra series.ini requirements, no? Thanks.
  4. hello, I did not understand the topic of the event 7 and 8 , I'm french ..
    if I do not put things in the same folder is just tt I wanted ' Origin Lock ' the following races to actually reproduce the championship. apparently this is not possible in a single folder
  5. the porsche is an unofficial paymod?
  6. Hulg063, thank you for the fantastic mod.
    how to remove the annoying background noise of tires screeching?
  7. where can i get the car mod ?
  8. In game my skin car is ok, all skins is white. why?
    Sorry my english
  9. car tu ne dois pas avoir tous les skins du mod je pense.. pour moi chaque voiture a son propre skin
  10. where can i get the car? is it a paymod?
  11. Yes it's payware available at the URD website.