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Misc Porsche SC mixed with Mini's

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by Mike Bruce Smith, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. I recently downloaded the Porsche Super Cup Car Mod. It can be found in the Mini Challenge section. The issue I have is all the Porsche cars aren't listed separately like the Camaro & Megane mod. I have to select the Mini category and then the Porsche category appears with a list of cars. When I race the Porsche I can only race against Mini's. Help!!!!
  2. Hello Chunkyspice69!
    In the Teams folder did you rename Mini Challenge like this: -Mini Challenge?
    If you proceed like that, the game will not recognize the Mini folder. In the game menu only the name Mini Challenge will appear, the cars will be Porsche ;) . Personnally I made a copy of the entire GSC folder in order to play both Porsche and Mini.
  3. Hi Jeff
    No rename of the Mini folder and all folders appear to contain the correct information. This problem with the mixed car's only happened when the Porsche mod was installed.This mod contained a lot of extra files not seen with the other mods. I'm a newbie on the PC so I may have stuffed up somewhere. I decided to include some images of the menu to better explain my problem. I'm hoping you or someone might have a solution. After installing the Porsche mod it has renamed the game and intro image.
    Image 1 - shows the main menu.
    Image 2 - shows the 2nd menu
    Image 3 - shows the teams
    Image 4 - when I select Mini Challenge I get the Porsche drop down menu
    Image 5 - I can select the Porsches from this list
    Image 6 - If I select the Mini Challenge menu again I get all the Mini vehicles.
    Image 7/8 - Game shot. Now when I race I get all the cars from every category within the main Mini Challenge menu. I can't race a single category anymore.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg
  4. Chunkyspice, perhaps you are using GSC v.1? Maybe this might help (straight from the guys who are actually doing these conversions!)

  5. Thanks MC
    I only downloaded the game from Reiza last month so it should be the latest version. My problem is not finding the cars, It's that they are all mixed together as shown in the pictures.
  6. MC....I just checked my gsc2012/rfm directory. It doesn't contain any files.
  7. Where did you get the mod? Is it the m3challenge one or the one slobbeman posted in nogrip? Those are 2 different conversions I believe.

    I have m3challenge one and it works perfectly, no mixup with minis. I believe that the one slobbeman posted needs minis to be removed first. There's instruction for that in slobbeman's post.
  8. Downloaded it from here. http://rfactor.no-ip.info:100/Game Stock Car/
  9. Yep, that's not the one I have. That's the one where you have to remove Minis.

    Mine is from m3challenge and working. Site is down atm tho.
  10. I downloaded it at TrippTeam(http://rfactor.no-ip.info:100/Game Stock Car/). I did not remove the Mini folder, I just put a _ before the name"Mini Challenge" and it works fine, no Mini appear in the game only the name to select the Porsche. I've the latest version of GSC.

    Cheers guys :)
  11. Well effectively you did remove the Minis by renaming the folder. But smart move as that way you also have a back up for them. :)
  12. Jeff does your suggestion remove the Minis from the game or just from the race. I still want to race the Mini but just against other minis & Porsches against just Porsches.
  13. Pretty sure it removes them completely from the game. Like I've already said, PMSC from m3challenge lives perfectly happy alongside the minis. Plus it doesn't contain useless crap like ui stuff and music files. So, at least in my book, much better choice.
  14. Jebus I downloaded the one from M3 but when I went to unpack the winzip file it said it was corrupted and then it only contained a bunch of sound files.
  15. Yeah, I was gonna say from the screenshots "did my download not come with this stuff?" But looks like two separate teams went about converting the same carset, one's done it wonderfully and the other, eh, not so much.

    Unfortunately, like Jebus mentioned, the conversion from the M3Challenge site isn't available because the site is down. But Ronnie did post the direct link to the forums (which are still up). I'll PM you the link and hopefully that should work.
  16. @Chunkyspice69

    Sent you pm.

    @MC Malicious Gravy

    Those are two different mods I believe. The one I have is based to 2007 series and the one fighting with minis is based to 2009. Older cars I know, but at least it works without hickups.
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  17. Thanks MC and Jebus.

    I deleted the previous Mod and installed your one. Sweeeet.....it now appears in the StockV8 section and its just Porsches only....brilliant. I find the steering to be very light and i prefer a heavier wheel like with the stocks cars. i have the force feedback set at minus 100 like the Stock Cars. I tried 100+ but its unsteerable. Any suggestions????
    All my mods in the Mini section (BMW, Renault Megane, V8SC) race separately however when i select Mini all the mods appear on the grid with the Mini. Grrrrrrrrr. Not sure what the solution is. I may have to start all over again with a fresh install. Don't want to unless someone has a fix.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  18. You need to adjust realfeel maxforceatsteeringrack, hotkey for it is ctrl+ numpad7 for stiffer ffb and ctrl+numpad9 for looser.

    Here all hotkeys + instructions.
  19. Thanks Jebus. Much appreciated.
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  20. I suggest having two installations of GSC. One with Reiza content and the other one with mods.