• Little Aussie Racing Cars: For when three-wide around a hairpin isn't quite close enough.
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Porsche is Unleashed - The Next Generation

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 6' started by D3FCTV, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. D3FCTV



    It's been a long time since I've been on this website but I'm back with a bang and no-one probably knows what I'm talking about!

    A long time ago, I was known as D3FECT | STUDIOS - I posted lots of photos and videos, one video called "Porsche is Unleashed" with Forza Motorsport 4.

    Today I bring to you my latest video production in true epic fashion, showcasing the beauty of Porsche and Forza Motorsport 6!

    Enjoy and please give me feedback, love to hear what people think. Cheers.
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  2. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened

    Good to see that you're back.!