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Porsche f1 team

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by w1n1x, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Anyone tested it ?Looks good?
  2. I think I will test it tonight when I'm at home. But maybe it will be tomorrow ;)
  3. looks great . only one little thing ....3 different tire sponsors ? bridgestone , hankook and pirelli ...?:O_o:
  4. Everyone of them sponsored porsche teams in racing.But not in f1.In different category.
  5. Good job, especially by taking my boss's name on the nose!
  6. Ah ok .:whistling:good job
  7. huh?:D
  8. I work for TNT. :)
  9. is this a car replace or a full team replace?
  10. Only car livery ....at the moment ;)
  11. It looks great in game :)
    Some screens :)
  12. Thank you,and it really does look good ingame:thumbsup:
  13. No problem.
  14. Thanks for the preview and your feeback!Hope you enjoy it!More to come in time
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  15. Maybe a complete team pack with garage and pit crew ;)
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  16. Give me some ideas how it would look then i maybe do it.But now i will do the brawn gp car.I haven't done pitcrew and garage , so i have to learn that too.I want to learn helmet skinning but I find that too hard:(
  17. Can you made a white mclaren 2012?, just a white version one, and maybe a monster energy or venom energy teams. Just cars not pitcrews or garage to less work

    sorry bad english
  18. sure on weekend will try to do it before Sunday because on sunday i have league race:)
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  19. But first i have some things to do with the renault r23:)
    Tell me where you want to monsterenergy or venom energy logos.Or can you send me pics where i can take inspiration from?
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