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Porsche F1 Team (F1R Puerto)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Puerto505, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Hello guys.

    This is my first complete car livery. Done on the HRT Team.
    As a posche mechanic I´ve thought Porsche should be in Formula One. ;)

    Here it is - can´t get it better to work.
    I don´t have used photoshop or any 3d model, completely done with Paint.NET. Changed speccoc file included

    Thanks to ML2166 who gave me the idea with his W.I.P. Flying Lizard HRT and pebz for his great HRT F112 livery which i have used as the basis of this.

    Hope you like and it works correctly. Have fun!

    DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/?8th7u0vrs4hwzs4

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  2. change you whe rest of the team??
  3. you link is porsche f1 team thats a car change not team change!!1
  4. he said "complete car livery. Done on the HRT Team."
    not a whole new team.
    face it.

    and please give respect.
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  5. excellent work ! ;)
  6. Keep it up buddy. :thumbsup:
    Great work.
  7. Porsche on track

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  8. Really nice try on your first ever project. I know what its like to work without models....as i did in the past. ;)
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  9. NICE !!
  10. I love it, now we need suits! :D
  11. deleted
  12. Awesome job here buddy! Keep it up ;)
  13. Looks so good, Porche should have a F1 team with that livery
  14. Perfect Man! *-*
  15. I use this skin on HRT at the moment.
    Looks nice!:thumbsup:
  16. Thanks guys. :)

    Nice to hear you like it.
    Maybe someone can do the driver and team suits to get a complete team porsche.
    Unfortunately i will not have the time to do it.
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  17. Yeah, and garage :D
  18. Hello Puerto505 where you found this mod f1 2012 cam? very good, could post a link for me, tipi cam antenna or the same there? Thanks, sorry English
  19. Add me to the wish list for a full team
  20. Nice livery, I currently use this one for HRT. It would be fun to have suits and garages as well for it ^^