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Porsche CarreraGT

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by boomer541, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Updated to work with ver. 0.0838. Has raven variants but you don't need raven to change the color of the car.
    You just COPY the texture to the main folder.

    This was the car that had 12 to 17 sub materials for each dof. I redid all the dofs and eliminated a few textures that were not used and duplicated textures.

    I added lights and backfire, lots of backfire which can be changed.

    The cameras suck but I don't knoe just how to fix them, if anyone can please post the fixes.

    Comments welcomed. hope the link works ok.

    Porsche CarreraGT- by T-Shine, Textures & Int: TtR, Physics & Sounds: Mr Whippy, Dials: BLo0m download link:
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  2. Niiice, thanks a lot boomer ;)
  3. hooooooooooollllyyyyy .......... LOL , I love CGT.
  4. great Work Bob, car looks good, loved the backfire