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Cars Porsche Carrera Cup Porsche Carrera Cup 1.30

Porsche one make series

  1. Paul Smith submitted a new resource:

    Porsche Carrera Cup - Porsche one make series

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  2. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
    Premium Member

    Nice mod thanks :thumbsup:
  3. Doug46

    Premium Member

    Great Mod Thanks
  4. Great addition to a Magnificent Game.
    Thank you very much.
  5. dling now....thx.
  6. Hi - Looks goos, have downloaded and unpacked, when I unpack the .rar, I get the below error:

    ! C:\Users\Phil\Downloads\GameData.rar: CRC failed in GameData\Sounds\GSMF_PCC997\misc\hitwall_5.wav. The file is corrupt
    ! C:\Users\Phil\Downloads\GameData.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    The extracted folder only contains sounds folder?
    Last edited: May 18, 2014
  7. Sounds like the files have corrupted either when d/l or extracting, i would try d/l again. I just tried it again myself from here and it worked fine.

    I would also extract to a folder first (right click and extract here) before putting in GSC folder.
  8. Cheers Paul - have redownloaded & extract worked fine. Looking forward to driving these later.
  9. Wow Paul, this is awesome! Thank you very much for this amazing addition to GSC Extreme. I'm loving it. The graphics are superb!
  10. Is there a file i can add to the GSC directory that will arrange the mod into its own section ?
    In case one has the mod already installed and would like to avoid downloading it again in its entirety.
  11. Sorry Jan, unfortunately not. There is the 2 rfm files, then maybe 100 or so .veh files that needed modifying.
  12. Question, What would I adjust on the realfeel settings to give the steering wheel more resistance. The wheel feels too light. when Im turning I want it to fight back a little. Realfeel is enable and it feels fine when the car isnt moving or going slow..

    EDIT.. Nevermind I figured it out. I was going the wrong way with maxforce since it was reversed.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2014
  13. Hi Jok3sta, there are two things to try.

    1. Is change the values in the realfeel plugin, but at the moment each skin makes a realfeel entry (may get round to that eventually).

    2. Is change the SteeringFFBMult=0.0 value in the HDV files to one of these values.

    UpgradeType="FFB Multi"
    UpgradeLevel="Multi 1.0"
    Description="Multi 1.0"

    UpgradeLevel="Multi 1.3"
    Description="Multi 1.3"


    UpgradeLevel="Multi 1.8"
    Description="Multi 1.8"

    UpgradeLevel="Multi 2.5"
    Description="Multi 2.5"


    UpgradeLevel="Multi 3.0"
    Description="Multi 3.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Multi 4.0"
    Description="Multi 4.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Multi 5.0"
    Description="Multi 5.0"


    UpgradeLevel="Multi 6.0"
    Description="Multi 6.0"


    I'm surprised to learn that you don't like the real feel with these cars, I find them a lot more communicative than before, you can feel the wheels lock etc. I do prefer to feel what's going on rather than really strong ffb.

    Anyway if that's what you like I suggest you change the HDV values, this will disable realfeel but if you go for a higher number that will increase ffb strength.
  14. I will try and update the realfeel entry later today to make it easier to change the realfeel plugin values.
  15. Paul Smith updated Porsche Carrera Cup with a new update entry:

    Realfeel description update

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  16. Thanks for the reply paul. The real feel feels great. I just wanted slightly more resistance. I was adjusting the max setting the wrong way as well as tinkered with some of the other settings so I ended up not knowing which one i screwed up lol. After i realized i was going the wrong way I bumped the maxsetting up a few notches and if feels great now.

    This is where Im at now if anyone wants to try. BTW if I already changed all of the cars Description in the veh to use the same realfeel settings do I need to update to the new version?

  17. If you've already done it mate, there should be no need to update. I have a slightly different description but nothing else has changed, glad you got sorted.
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  18. Cool thank you. And thank you for all of the great work you put in for Game Stock car.
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