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Porsche Carrera Cup GB @ Pukekohe - Fri 5th August 2011

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Lee Palmer, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. We are going to need a couple more for this one.
  2. Server's up guys. Be nice to see a few more racing though :(
  3. 21.00
  4. 19 GMT = 21 CET anyway?
  5. Disappointed about the turn out for this.

    Quali 1: Couldn't put a good lap together so was second.

    Race 1: Made an OK start and followed James for a couple of laps until he span at turn 1 on lap 3. I took over the lead and extended the gap back to second but made a mistake at turn 3 and lost some time. Still in the lead though and carried on to take the win and fastest lap.

    Quali 2: Nearly broke into the 54's and got pole.

    Race 2: Made a very poor start and was down to third by turn 1. Followed Eike and James around for a while until I got caught up in their incident. David got past all three of us and I had to close the gap down to him. Managed to get close but he made a mistake into turn 1 and I had to slam on my brakes to avoid, causing me to spin. Got going again in 5th and last place. Got past Tom, James, and Eike but David was 5 seconds up the road. Started closing it down, setting the fastest lap on the way, however I was pushing too hard and made a series of mistakes. Came home second.

    Thanks to Lee, RD, and all those who raced.
  6. Sorry had forgotten to apologize me for my push in Race 2 at James Im sorry :(
  7. Went in for this in the last minute. Managed to put in a few laps before quali but clearly not ready. Adam thankfully let me use a setup and it was pretty good.
    Although last in both races, had a good time and finished so I am pleased. Well done to podiums. I will be there one day!!