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Misc Porsche badge mod 2016-10-26

Porsche emblem/badges without white background

  1. MarkLenders submitted a new resource:

    Porsche badge mod - Misc

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  2. Thanks! That white background seriously messed my ocd.
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  3. Rotfl
    The original badges from kunos are awful :mad:
  4. The only reason I could accept would be if Porsche requested it this way.

    It annoyed me on the loading-screen the very first time.
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  5. aphidgod

    Premium Member

    I did mine up manually about 4 seconds after I loaded the first car. I don't need it, but a most welcome mod in any case. :D
  6. This is what I think is the reason behind it. Their website does have a white background where the shield and the text lies so it makes sense (to me anyways).
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  7. jpwrx7

    John P. Wilson Premium Member

    I work with Porsche and the white background with the badge is a company standard. (It took me a few to find it with all the other logos.)
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  8. Aris from Kunos has also confirmed it was Porsche's idea. (Source)
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