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Skins Porsche 991 GT3 Cup - Skinpack Carrera Cup Germany 1.0

Skinpack for Dorsche 99I

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  1. Is this for the 5 EUR assetto991 Mod?

    Is it worth investing 5 EUR for it?
  2. Is it possible to give us previews for the skins in the skin selector of AC? I bought the mod and the default one looks nice, but all I get is "n/a" for the skins from this download. It's a pain in the rear to go into showroom for each car just to see how each of them looks.

    Edited to add screenshot
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  3. where's the base mod for this?
  4. It is the assetto991 mod. I've ran it this morning and I like it quite a bit.
  5. The mod is amazing! Still a bit rough graphically but drives like a dream. Sorry for the slight bit of off topic. Skins look great but please update with some sort of preview pics for each of them.
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  6. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    Now I will be honest, I don't usually entertain pay mods, got my fingers burnt in the past, but when Mr Hornbuckle makes a post as positive as that, I had to try it, and for the price of a pint of beer in the UK. OMG it is amazing, really really good Mod. Nobody has posted a link to the mod, so here it is. Well worth it.


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  7. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    great another pint of beer i will have to go without now you guys have made it sound so tempting to try this mod, and those skins just top it off for me.
  8. I dont know why you dont have any Preview Pics. I made one for every single car, its also included in this Mod :-/

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  9. I had downloaded the skins off of the link you put on FB.....can confirm that there are previews in the download link here. Thanks, skins look great btw.
  10. Can someone PM me the facebook link?
  11. link is no longer there...
  12. Shaun Clarke

    Shaun Clarke

    No Need, link is above now?
  13. snyperal


    a very nice mod, and some stunning skins. well done.
  14. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    First off mate your skins are fantastic and really add to the realism of this mod.
    I also really like this car as well. Its fast becoming my favourite car for this sim.
    Only little thing i have found is that there are no brake lights when racing the AI making it a little tricky for the first lap when we are all bunched up. Now seeing as this is still a WIP in progress mod its not the end of the world as the cars physics more than make for such a small detail as brake lights.
    I have emailed the creator to let him know as i am sure the feedback will be useful when he comes round to updating the car.

  15. AI brake lights work for me.
  16. snyperal


    Mine too.
  17. You probably need to have PP effects enabled in order to see them. Sorry for the off topic.
  18. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Guess what you are right, what an idiot i feel now, should of posted here before emailing mod creator, although it was framed as helpful feedback for future versions and thankfully i started it off with what a great bit of modding this car is !

    Thanks and back to the skins.

  19. Good to hear that they work correctly! :)