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Skins Porsche 962c Long Tail - Italiya Sports #44 1.2

1990 Le Mans, John Watson, Bruno Giacomelli andAllen Berg

  1. moustiqo submitted a new resource:

    Porsche 962c Long Tail - Italiya Sports #44 - 1990 Le Mans, John Watson, Bruno Giacomelli andAllen Berg

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  2. your folder is not correct named.you forgot one line "italiya sports_44",it must seen so"italiya_sports_44"
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  3. You spared me making this, thank you! By the way, if you edit the EXT_sponsors, you can have the Porsche badge on the car itself and moved up between the two fends, so the black line can be moved down and line up well.
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  4. No problem it was a pleasure to do it!
    I'm still new to all this :) so I don't really know the EXT_sponsors file, where can I find it? Is it in the the game directory or can I just copy someones elses and modify it?
  5. It's in some of the game's cars. FormulaHEINE pointed me towards the files I needed to edit, if you want you can just have a look at mine and edit from it! :)
    Quick thing, what is the black's RGB? For my blacks I use either 10,10,10 or 15,15,15 at the lightest. And the kanji on the side is a little too short vertically.

    Also, would you be up for doing the 1989 Le Mans version? If not, I'll eventually do it myself, it's no issue.
  6. Everything that's black, I think is pure black 0,0,0
    And if you're talking about the lines across the car its grey and not black.

    You're right about the kanji, I'm going to fix it now that I found a perfect straight reference image!
    And when that's done I will probably do the 1989 version as well :)
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