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Skins Porsche 962c Liverypack 1.1

Liverys with original brands

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  1. i REFUSE to drive this beautiful machine until the rothman's livery is done up and posted on ra---oh.
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  2. Beautiful skins Patrick, congrats on your 962 as well! Great cars!
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  3. Thank you very much Patrik.
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  4. Tausend Dank Patrik und Props an dich !!! :thumbsup:
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  5. That was quick (and welcome).
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  6. I got the pack because of your work.
  7. Great work Patrik on the models and liveries. These cars are so damn fun to drive (thanks to Aris+Luca and anyone else who worked on the cars as well). :thumbsup:
  8. Thanks for sharing this so your models looks as intended, in all of their glory!

    I'd just pop two suggestions in case you update it in the future: one would be to include a skin.ini file pointing to driver suits with the possible matching color schemes, the other would be 2K versions of the main skin (and windscreen banner or anything else a bit larger than usual) for 2GB cards and larger grids.

    The 962C was imho the best surprise in this pack, can't wait to see your revamped 787B next year. Hoping it comes with Mazda Raceway...
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  9. That makes sense.
  10. very very nice ...thanks ;)
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  11. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    Oh so so nice
  12. Superior epidermi....
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  13. Thanks for the update!
  14. Thanks Patrik
  15. Hey Patrik, took me a while to be able to check everything out... but the windshield logo has no transparency set (it's at 100% instead of ~50%), so ingame it's not slightly see-through.